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#680 Remind Jaunty users that the world ends in October jdreed task blocker fixed 12 years
#709 debathena-thunderbird-config is broken defect blocker fixed 12 years
#710 LPRng printing broken defect blocker fixed 12 years
#288 Remove Athena (9) entry from PXE menu amb task normal fixed 14 years
#538 Document the autodebathenification process in the wiki jdreed task normal wontfix 13 years
#558 Your locker might not be in the attachtab when you run quota defect normal fixed 13 years
#624 send announce e-mail about cluster upgrade, 64-bit task normal fixed 13 years
#639 /usr/lib/init/quotawarn hasn't worked in a while defect normal duplicate 13 years
#642 new-GDM is too cool to display the contents of /etc/nologin defect normal fixed 13 years
#648 Installer bails on Lucid due to poor interaction with bind9 and resolvconf defect normal fixed 13 years
#663 Document Viewer isn't in the Applications menu jdreed defect normal workaround 13 years
#666 Ask maintainers to upgrade lighttpd geofft task normal fixed 13 years
#672 Build for Maverick lizdenys task normal fixed 12 years
#706 GIMP is gone from cluster machines enhancement normal duplicate 12 years
#715 Bring back tty-mode in an xterm login option (a la F2) defect normal fixed 12 years
#722 tilde-lockername broke in Lucid for non-user lockers defect normal wontfix 12 years
#600 PAM should tell you if you're over quota enhancement low fixed 13 years
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