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#1052 cluster reboots sometimes hang (1) defect blocker -- fixed
#1144 kiosk doesn't work with FF >7 defect blocker -- fixed
#830 bugme should run on kiosk session lfaraone defect high -- fixed
#1026 athena-auto-update needs a full rewrite enhancement high -- fixed
#1084 debathena-dotfiles should not clean up sessions on upgrade defect high -- fixed
#1109 XDG_CACHE_HOME should be pointed to a local directory enhancement high -- fixed
#1127 worry about openafs in precise defect high upstream fixed
#1146 Make reactivate work with Precise defect high -- fixed
#1163 on precise is maybe broken defect high -- fixed
#465 come up with a coherent plan for debathena-printing-config task normal printing fixed
#481 Upgrade debhelper compatibility level enhancement normal development fixed
#749 run ntpdate in reactivate defect normal -- fixed
#775 Cluster logouts are slow because of schroot stupidity enhancement normal login chroot fixed
#793 lightdm-config should be able display a MOTD on the login screen jdreed enhancement normal -- fixed
#865 debathena-firefox-extension doesn't deal with ubufox.js transition defect normal -- fixed
#951 add-athena-printer should use hpijs or prompt for drivers enhancement normal -- fixed
#971 logout() should check for a required reboot defect normal -- fixed
#982 Write a session wrapper than runts initgroups(3) enhancement normal -- fixed
#994 Consider shipping /usr/bin/ooffice to tell people to go run "soffice" defect normal -- fixed
#1032 printing-config's clusterinfo lookup bypasses local clusterinfo defect normal -- fixed
#1047 Consider switching from Firefox to Chrome enhancement normal -- fixed
#1067 incorrect dependency in debathena-cupsys-config jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#1072 moira-gui fails silently with expired tickets defect normal -- fixed
#1105 The MIT Software menu is maybe broken? defect normal -- worksforme
#1110 More robust dotfiles defect normal -- fixed
#1147 getty.debathena doesn't work in Precise defect normal -- worksforme
#1153 recovery-mode-config broken on Precise defect normal -- fixed
#1155 jmol, gcco requested for thirdparty alexp enhancement normal -- fixed
#1157 lightdm-config's accessibility menu is a stub jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#1161 Xauthority shouldn't be in ~ defect normal -- fixed
#1164 reactivate never actualls runs in lightdm defect normal -- fixed
#1171 Blacklist for dbus-daemon-launch-helper defect normal -- fixed
#1175 bash: LD_ASSUME_KERNEL: unbound variable with set -u defect normal -- fixed
#1186 Maple won't launch from dash on precise 64 bit machines defect normal -- fixed
#1188 Add libperl4-corelibs-perl defect normal -- fixed
#1199 bugme's position in kiosk-mode is annoying defect normal -- fixed
#1200 lightdm-greeter's default MOTD is dumb defect normal -- fixed
#1205 ATHENA_SYS{,_COMPAT} aren't set when launching from the Dock defect normal -- fixed
#1206 ia32libs gone in Precise jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#581 Give shiny icons to the items in the "MIT Software" menu jdreed enhancement low -- fixed
#590 debathena-tex-bin no longer necessary task low -- fixed
#386 bugme isn't always always on top lfaraone defect trivial -- fixed
#770 debathena-kiosk maintainer script is not idempotent defect trivial -- fixed
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