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#1183 make-chroot doesn't work with quantal defect blocker -- fixed
#1221 No evolution in Precise defect blocker -- fixed
#1242 screensaver logout doesn't work defect blocker -- fixed
#1253 Duplexing disabled on mitprint queue defect blocker -- fixed
#1143 nss_nonlocal allegedly breaks with recent glibc defect high -- invalid
#1207 Bump the chroot's ramdisk enhancement high -- fixed
#1258 Stop sending afs byte-range lock messages to wslogger defect high -- fixed
#1288 additional packages for debathena-thirdparty alexp enhancement high -- fixed
#1295 Re-snapshot Moira at r4097 task high -- fixed
#354 re-enable Compiz defect normal -- invalid
#860 Begin phasing out printing-config in Fall 2012 enhancement normal -- duplicate
#1041 Ejecting removable media results in spurious errors on Natty cluster defect normal -- wontfix
#1140 Switch to authenticated mail path enhancement normal -- fixed
#1190 sudo erroneously tells you you're on a quickstation defect normal -- fixed
#1196 athinfod-cluster-config and auto-update need to make use of new athinfo.defs.d feature defect normal -- fixed
#1201 telepathy-mission-control-5 is crashy defect normal -- fixed
#1218 lightdm-confing doesn't populate update start time when an update happens at first boot defect normal -- fixed
#1219 Use sudoers.d, don't scribble over /etc/sudoers enhancement normal -- fixed
#1224 libnss-nonlocal FTFBS on wheezy defect normal -- fixed
#1231 Quantal build task normal -- fixed
#1259 Every user who has ever used the machine is cached in the username menu defect normal -- fixed
#1270 new package request for debathena-thirdparty task normal config-package-dev duplicate
#1274 Add ksh to thirdparty defect normal -- fixed
#1215 Default focus issues in lightdm-config defect low -- worksforme
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