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#138 LPRng doesn't support -z geofft defect low -- fixed
#141 Firefox extension should update application defaults? defect low -- worksforme
#146 unauthenticated 'logout' fails to log out user defect normal login chroot worksforme
#172 Make a website with information about -proposed jdreed defect normal website fixed
#192 Investigate potential xscreensaver config weirdness defect normal -- invalid
#205 ssh changes behavior from Athena 9, does not delegate tickets by default jhamrick defect blocker -- fixed
#208 graphical login doesn't deal well with being unplugged defect normal -- fixed
#216 Make Trac the endpoint for defect normal -- wontfix
#220 debathena-alpine-config should enable the MH and Old Pine folder collections defect normal -- fixed
#223 Make "noarch" sysname and inform locker maintainers broder defect low -- fixed
#230 Cluster users get notifications because they're sudoers defect low login chroot fixed
#231 Gnucash breaks gconf configurations jdreed defect normal documentation worksforme
#234 Add libgl1-mesa-dev to debathena-thirdparty defect normal -- fixed
#239 Firefox 3 against AFS homedirs has bad performance defect normal -- worksforme
#259 The PXE installer should say Debathena where it currently says Athena 10 amb defect trivial -- fixed
#277 WGFILE not being set breaks send_message defect normal -- wontfix
#279 Thunderbird wrapper should not run fs sa on local paths defect normal -- fixed
#281 notify-osd misleadingly reports that print jobs have completed defect normal -- fixed
#282 Java breaks new Live CD -workstation installs xavid defect normal livecd fixed
#285 LPROPT isn't respected defect normal printing fixed
#289 Greeter should stop saying Athena 10 defect normal -- fixed
#294 Installer should force NTP sync and hwclock sync, and have a working ntpd afterwards as well amb defect normal -- fixed
#304 evolution should default to the MIT mail account, not the local mail defect normal -- fixed
#305 cluster-login-config should kick gdm and init defect normal -- fixed
#306 Installing on the 755s hangs after downloading the stock ubuntu packages defect blocker -- worksforme
#310 Can't log in graphically if quota is exceeded broder defect blocker -- fixed
#312 Update Pine default collections for Exchange defect normal -- fixed
#317 All mail clients must use SSL and the appropriate authentication method when using Hesiod defect blocker -- fixed
#321 AFS cache should not be snapshotted defect blocker login chroot wontfix
#323 debathena-alpine-config broke pine symlink defect normal -- fixed
#324 The bugme timer disappearing bug is back defect blocker -- fixed
#327 Evolution wrapper should include MH collection if ~/Mail/inbox exists jdreed defect low documentation fixed
#330 lock screen from panel needs multiple tries defect low -- wontfix
#332 Need to fix /etc/network/interfaces on older installs defect normal -- fixed
#341 WINDOW_MANAGER isn't respected in Jaunty jdreed defect normal documentation fixed
#342 Non-GNOME sessions' terminals are broken in Jaunty broder defect normal -- fixed
#158 distinguish cluster from workstation machine on login screen geofft enhancement low -- fixed
#160 Live CD needs improvement for general consumption xavid enhancement normal livecd worksforme
#211 No documentation on the PXE installer jdreed enhancement normal documentation fixed
#301 Create policy-rc.d in installer when run from d-i enhancement low installer fixed
#337 Create a cronjob on debuild so the LiveCD is rebuilt automatically enhancement normal livecd fixed
#340 Metrics gathering broder enhancement normal -- fixed
#349 Replace help displayed by panel question mark icon with Athena help rye enhancement low -- fixed
#218 Ensure that NetworkManager and static IPs works and is documented jdreed task normal documentation fixed
#219 Document the brokenness of binaries linked against /lib/ jdreed task normal documentation fixed
#287 Update source filsys entries amb task normal -- fixed
#298 get dpkg 1.15 into Ubuntu task low upstream fixed
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