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#914 Consider restricting athinfo queries to 18/8 enhancement low -- invalid
#283 debathena-workstation Live CD install doesn't display feedback xavid enhancement normal livecd fixed
#842 Once Pharos is here, stop BrowsePolling jdreed defect normal -- duplicate
#878 Remove spurious shell check in bashrc defect normal -- fixed
#895 Switch to hpijs drivers for our printing enhancement normal -- wontfix
#934 Update libnss-nonlocal's multiarch support defect normal -- THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING
#974 Using install option 1b actually destroys your disk despite saying it won't jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#989 vanilla PXE installs still prompt for the mirror jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#999 stage1 should use "da/" prefix for passing kernel arguments defect normal -- fixed
#1045 Pharos backend defect normal -- fixed
#1118 Add graphviz and xdot to thirdparty task normal -- fixed
#718 Move debathena's trac to demeter jdreed task high -- fixed
#747 rebuild live CD jrjarvis task high livecd fixed
#1063 Confirm output resolution of Pharos task high -- THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING
#1042 Test extension with FF 6 defect blocker -- fixed
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