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#873 Our build infrastructure is not reliable defect blocker -- fixed
#1111 metrics is broken defect blocker -- fixed
#1137 firefox-extension doesn't install on Precise defect blocker -- duplicate
#1098 deprecate lprng syntax in printing-config task high -- fixed
#1115 debathena-discuss compile fails under Wheezy defect high -- fixed
#1116 debathena-grenew compile fails under Wheezy defect high -- fixed
#1149 Re-snapshot moira at r4081 for SITE locker support defect high -- fixed
#564 clean up licensing jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#758 floatflt.sty missing in Lucid jdreed defect normal -- wontfix
#829 Give up on Kerberized CUPS enhancement normal -- wontfix
#875 nobuild files should live in svn jdreed enhancement normal -- fixed
#888 Pull in new moira jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#1076 Get rid of -branding packages task normal -- fixed
#1097 Kill tex-config with fire defect normal -- fixed
#1133 debathena-syslog FTBFS defect normal -- fixed
#508 Restore legacy LaTeX packages jdreed defect low -- wontfix
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