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Grand plan for fixing build-all and da and sbuildhack

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Our current largest issue is that it's hard to upload a fixed version of a package for a new release without confusing everything (both build-all and the person who comes along and runs da sbuildhack later). There are some other suboptimal things about the build infrastructure that can be fixed along the way.

Here's a proposal that seems reasonably sane:

  • The stamps directory should specify versions of packages, so instead of e.g. stamps/lucid/debathena-reactivate.done, you have stamps/debathena-reactivate_2.0~ubuntu10.04.done. This way you know which versions have been built, you automatically no longer have the stamp if there's a new version of a package, you automatically no longer have the stamp if there's a bump of your tag or a new distro upstream, etc.
  • We should have a script that synchronizes the stamps directory out of the repo, and call it at the top of do-build. (So, more or less, do-build depends on the actual state of the repo, not stamps files.)
  • da sbuildhack should also use the stamps files, so that it doesn't attempt to build packages that already exist.
  • da sbuildhack (and build-all) should respect X-Build-For: control fields instead of the unversioned
  • Rename sbuildhack to something less stupid.

It occurs to me that da and build-all are the same type of thing, just perpendicular, and maybe they should be the same program at some point.

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