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reset nondefault session choice

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Too often I find people who log in to an Athena workstation (either cluster or workstation) and don't notice that they're logging in to XMonad, which pops up no windows by default, displays no chrome, and responds to no keybindings that any sane, imperative person will think of, so they end up thinking the computer doesn't work. I think this is two related bugs:

  • If you once log in with an odd window manager / session, it shouldn't get set as the default, even on that machine, without explicit confirmation.
  • If an odd window manager / session is selected, it should revert to the default after some time, certainly at least by the point the screen saver comes up.

Note that I think part of this may be moot in Natty's gdm but not Lucid's, and also that LightDM needs to be dealt with and I don't know how it behaves here.

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