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Common window managers in extra-software-nox

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There was a request on random-hall-talk to install wmii on ozok-the-destroyer, which recently became a Debathena workstation. We currently have a random selection of window managers in debathena-extra-software. To facilitate a more systematic approach, here’s some popcon data on window managers in Debian and Ubuntu (wmii is ~20th out of of ~50 on both lists):


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We should revisit this when we rearrange -thirdparty based on popularity. As noted elsewhere, the "Add it if people ask for it" method is not sustainable.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by jdreed

Looking at the number of votes/installations in the lists Anders has, I don't think we should go all the way down to #20. For example, wmii has 1526 installations compared to metacity's 1062029. That's less than one percent.

Looking at the popular ones we don't ship, I see xfwm4, kcrap, openbox, fluxbox, and maximus. (and on the debian side, icewm).
wmii is on both lists, but that doesn't mean much.

I would consider adding xfwm4. openbox vs fluxbox is going to be yet another wankfest. I don't know what maximus is.

But really, this is not our problem on cluster. If you care that much, use debathena-workstation.

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