Ticket #591 (new defect)

Opened 14 years ago

Deleted transactions at the end of a discuss meeting can't be found

Reported by: mitchb Owned by: mitchb
Priority: insignificant Milestone: The Distant Future
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If you delete a transaction or more at the end of a discuss
meeting, a listing of deleted transactions (e.g. 'ls -odl')
won't find them. I haven't yet hunted in the code, but I
suspect it assumes it need not search past the number of
the last undeleted transaction. The deleted transactions
can still be retrieved if you know their numbers, and can
be listed if the last one is retrieved (or presumably if
another transaction is entered into the meeting).

Since enough state is kept that the number to be assigned to
the next transaction is known, it should be possible to
correct this.

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