Ticket #594 (new defect)

Opened 14 years ago

bash-config and tcsh-config leaks shell variables

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Priority: trivial Milestone: The Distant Future
Component: dotfiles Keywords:
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Upstream bug:


Currently /etc/bash.bashrc.debathena and /etc/profile.debathena each set convenience shell variables (DEBATHENA_BASHRC_DIR for the former and DEBATHENA_PROFILE_DIR and DEBATHENA_BASHRC_DIR for the latter), while /etc/csh.cshrc sets DEBATHENA_CSHRC.

Because none of these variables get unset, they leak into users' sessions, which seems unintentional and slightly undesirable.

Those variables should be unset (or never set, since they're each only used in one place). Alternatively, it's entirely possible that that was deliberate for reasons I don't understand, in which case feel free to enlighten me and WONTFIX the ticket.

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