Ticket #779 (new enhancement)

Opened 13 years ago

Enhance ureadahead to allow overrides

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On Ubuntu, the ureadahead daemon runs at the very beginning of the boot process to ensure that all of the disk contents needed for boot are read into buffer cache in an efficient way. ureadahead generates the list of files to read by monitoring the boot process for some period of time.

On systems which have automatic login enabled, ureadahead runs long enough that it also detects loading the things needed for the initial user login - things like nautilus, the panel applets, etc.

On Debathena cluster machines, ureadahead's profiling exits long before a user would typically login, leaving the ureadahead database without information about the programs that are loaded on login.

A useful enhancement to ureadahead, then, would be some sort of "override" file where you could specify additional files that should be pre-read at boot, even if they aren't detected by the ureadahead profiling mode. Once we had that feature, we could include all of the files and programs accessed in a standard GNOME session, which would reduce the amount of disk I/O that happens at login (because that information would already be pre-cached).

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