16:41 Ticket #384 (lpr.debathena should find the cups default printer, and prioritize it ...) closed by geofft
fixed: For some definition of "lose"... The original bug report referred to a …
02:10 Ticket #466 (xmailmaint should know about Mailman lists) created by geofft
(Yes, I realize it doesn't exist yet) When we get around to having some …


21:50 Ticket #92 (Console user group membership/device access) reopened by quentin
It looks like we missed one group - "lp" controls access to local parallel …
17:37 Changeset [24227] by geofft
In printing-config: * Undo a Python syntax error.
14:14 Ticket #465 (come up with a coherent plan for debathena-printing-config) created by geofft
Right now our lpr wrapper is a descendant of a descendant of a hack, …
04:50 Ticket #464 (aptitude shouldn't error about nonexistant pdiffs) created by geofft
Ubuntu doesn't provide pdiffs. apt tries to fetch them. We should make it …


15:34 Ticket #463 (Pay attention to the state of union mounts and overlayfs) created by geofft
The upstream Linux kernel community prefers the approach of union mounts …
15:26 Ticket #462 (Run the entire cluster environment in a chroot) created by geofft
We made lots of progress in #97 by switching to faster chroots, but for …


22:19 Changeset [24226] by geofft
dotfiles: Oh hey, there's a dh_lintian that CDBS calls.
21:51 Changeset [24225] by geofft
In dotfiles: * Install Lintian overrides for non-standard-dir-in-usr and file-in-unusual-dir for /usr/prototype_user, which is a legacy pathname we need to support indefinitely.
21:30 Changeset [24224] by geofft
Can we get a pre-commit hook rejecting Ubuntu's dch silliness?
21:09 Changeset [24223] by geofft
In lam: * Flesh out the description to avoid the Lintian error description-synopsis-is-duplicated.
20:45 Changeset [24222] by broder
In dotfiles: * Don't ship /var/run/athena-sessions as part of the package.
17:56 Changeset [24221] by broder
Change the owner and permissions on the attachtab, even if it already exists.
17:47 Changeset [24220] by broder
In liblocker: * Make /var/run/attachtab/.{,dir}lock owned by root at startup to prevent a potential DoS from the first user to attach a locker. * Make /var/run/attachtab/ 770 instead of 777 to prevent unprivileged users from being able to get to and potentially manipulate entries they created in the attachtab. * Don't ship the attachtab as part of the package; instead create it during installation by running the init script.
15:34 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by broder
14:29 Changeset [24219] by broder
In pyhesiodfs: * Start PyHesiodFS with -o nonempty, in case there is anything in /mit. (Trac: #461)
14:24 Ticket #461 (pyhesiodfs should pass -o nonempty to fuse) created by andersk
pyhesiodfs fails to start up on a nonempty /mit. […] From …


16:29 Changeset [24218] by broder
In linerva: * Set a soft limit on memory to avoid processes ballooning out of control.
03:03 Changeset [24217] by broder
In cupsys-config: * Switch from cups.mit.edu to cluster-printers.mit.edu.
01:32 Changeset [24216] by geofft
In printing-config: * Apparently -z on Athena-patched LPRng was a nop because Zephyr was the default, and there was a -N to disable zephyr. Adjust our wrapper to match.
01:23 Ticket #423 (2-up printing from evince to lprng doesn't work) closed by geofft
wontfix: LPRng is sufficiently dead; if anyone cares about this bug we can reopen …
01:02 Ticket #398 (Use CUPS by default) closed by broder
fixed: With the new logic in printing-config, we basically are using CUPS by …


23:47 Changeset [24215] by broder
In printing-config: * Include add-athena-printer script for configuring Athena print queues not available via BrowsePoll. parser = optparse.OptionParser( usage="usage: %prog [options] <Athena queue> [<Athena queue> ...]" ) parser.add_option('-f', '--force', action='store_true', dest='force', default=False, help="Attempt to install queue even if checks fail" ) return parser print >>sys.stderr, msg.strip() sys.exit(-1) # Local cupsd cups.setServer(LOCAL_SERVER) lc = cups.Connection() # Remote cupsd cups.setServer(REMOTE_SERVER) rc = cups.Connection() queues = rc.getPrinters() if queue not in queues: error('Athena printer %s does not exist' % queue) if not force and queue in lc.getPrinters(): error('The Athena printer %s has already been configured locally' % queue) info = queues[queue] # Download the PPD try: ppd = rc.getPPD(queue) except: error(""" try: lc.addPrinter(queue, filename=ppd, info=info['printer-info'], location=info['printer-location'], device=info['printer-uri-supported']) for k, v in rc.getPrinterAttributes(queue).items(): if not v: continue if not k.endswith('-default'): continue k = k[:-len('-default')] lc.addPrinterOptionDefault(queue, k, v) lc.acceptJobs(queue) lc.enablePrinter(queue) finally: os.unlink(ppd) options, args = parser().parse_args() try: if (not options.force and os.getuid() != 0 and grp.getgrnam('lpadmin').gr_gid not in os.getgroups()): error(""" except Exception: error(""" for q in args: addAthenaPrinter(q, force=options.force) main() { matrix currentmatrix % Push current matrix 5 1 roll % roll to bottom 3 index 2 index add 3 index moveto % move to start 4 2 roll translate scale % translate then scale 0 0 1 0 360 arc % draw it setmatrix % restore matrix } def motdfontsize mul leftmargin exch currentpoint exch pop exch sub moveto cvn motdfontsize selectfont gsave (\033) search % post (\033) pre true OR string false { stringwidth pop exch pop exch % prelen post ( ) search exch dofont % prelen post ( ) true OR prelen false { pop measure add } if } { stringwidth pop } ifelse grestore dup measure currentpoint pop add rightmargin gt { currentpoint pop leftmargin ne { 1 newline } if } if currentpoint pop exch { (\033) search % post (\033) pre true OR string false { show pop ( ) search exch dofont % post ( ) true OR false { pop exch pop currentpoint pop exch } { exit } ifelse } { show exit } ifelse } loop % and write the following space if we wrote anything else currentpoint pop ne { ( ) show } if % split into words and write them one by one { ( ) search { dup length 0 eq { pop show } { doword pop } ifelse } { exit } ifelse } loop doword % If text contains newline, parwrap first half, newline, and wrap % second half. if not, just parwrap whole thing. 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16:08 Ticket #459 (alpine should respect ATHENA_USER as FROM address) closed by andersk
duplicate: Dupe of #422.
16:00 Ticket #460 (mail / sendmail should respect $ATHENA_USER for from) created by adehnert
Sending mail with mailx(1) / /usr/sbin/sendmail should respect the …
15:54 Ticket #459 (alpine should respect ATHENA_USER as FROM address) created by adehnert
When you run Alpine on a machine where your local user is differently …


13:03 Ticket #458 (Non-BSD CUPS clients should choose the correct server) created by broder
Apparently the BSD-style commands (lpr, lpq, lprm, lpc) are being phased …
12:56 Ticket #448 (lprm/lpq wrapper should point you at the right CUPS server) closed by broder


22:54 Ticket #457 (force logout of abandoned cluster causes greyout) created by afarrell
After trying to force logout a user who has been away yet logged in for a …
18:25 Changeset [24214] by rbasch
In cluster-login-config: * Don't configure /etc/gdm/gdm.conf{,-custom} on post-gdm-2.20 platforms.
17:05 Changeset [24213] by rbasch
In debathena-kiosk: * Add a launcher GUI for the new gdm login window. (Trac: #431) * Disable the tabs bar for Firefox 3.5. * Move non-executables to /usr/share/debathena-kiosk.


21:00 Changeset [24212] by broder
Set the maintainer to the Debathena Project when debathenifying lprng.
20:59 Changeset [24211] by broder
Add "set_debathena_maintainer" frob to the debathenificator. (Trac: #456) set_debathena_maintainer adds the current Maintainer to XSBC-Original-Maintainer (creating the latter if it doesn't already exist), and sets the Maintainer to the Debathena Project.
20:56 Changeset [24210] by broder
Correctly transform recent versions of lprng, which have been converted to debhelper 7. (Trac: #446) Also be sure to error out if the transformation ever fails.
16:52 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by andersk
DOSathena! (diff)


20:08 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by broder
Submitted by mitchb (diff)


21:54 Ticket #456 (Maintainer for debathenified packages should be Debathena) created by broder
For reasons more or less identical to those in …
20:06 Changeset [24209] by broder
In printing-config: * Don't try to parse variables if their value is None.
20:05 Changeset [24208] by broder
Clean up directories that should have been deleted in r24202.
18:15 Changeset [24207] by rbasch
In gdm-config: * Don't divert /usr/share/gdm/BuiltInSessions/default.desktop in the new gdm, where it no longer exists. (Trac: #447) * Add a gconf default to disable the user list in the new gdm. (Trac: #429)
14:47 Changeset [24206] by geofft
Inspired by r24205, tweak the version check in various postinsts. The version check should take into account Debathena's ~distro version tags. Like the previous commit, this is for reference and does not necessitate a rebuild, if for no other reason than we've advanced well past the version in question.
12:10 Changeset [24205] by broder
Correct the DEB_UNDIVERT_VERSION versions in reactivate and printing-config. Without the trailing tilde, upgrading *from* the version where DEB_UNDIVERT_VERSION was set will trigger a single, harmless OMINOUS WARNING because of Debathena's ~distro version tags. These changes are just there for the sake of future reference, and do not need a package rebuild, so there's no changelog entry for either.
10:36 Changeset [24204] by broder
In printing-config: * Add missing dependency on python-cups.
02:59 Changeset [24203] by geofft
Fix a typo in r24202 that caused a FTBFS.
02:27 Changeset [24202] by geofft
In printing-config: * Stop wrapping lpc, since it's only useful with LPRng, and cancel, since it's not useful with LPRng (it's treated exactly the same as LPRng's lprm).
01:51 Changeset [24201] by geofft
In printing-config: * When doing operations against CUPS printers, act against the realserver because load balancing otherwise gets in your way. * Remove /etc/debathena-printing.conf and revert 1.4 and much of 1.7. Use the printing subsystem that the print queue lives on; attempt to convert LPRng options to CUPS ones for CUPS printers, but not vice versa. * Rephrase man pages to stop talking about Athena 10, and mention cups-lp(1)'s documentation of the -o options to lpr. * Fix a bug relating to lp using -d for its destination, not -P.


10:06 Ticket #455 (Inventory WRW apps on Athena and determine how they print) created by jdreed
We need to inventory the WRW apps, and determine how they print. The goal …
00:13 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by geofft
00:08 Ticket #454 (warn that changing root's password on clusters is pointless) created by geofft


18:58 Changeset [24200] by rbasch
In xsession: * Define a message function for use by Xsession.d scripts if the Xsession script has not done so.
12:26 Ticket #445 (debathena-libmoira-dev doesn't install moira.h) closed by broder
11:36 Ticket #453 (bugme kernel oops) created by geofft
Occasionally users can't log in because bugme dies in kernelspace. I …


16:14 Changeset [24199] by broder
In reactivate: * Now that policy-rc.d isn't blindly allowing stops and starts for anything in the chroot, we should be sure that the chroot actually knows it's a chroot before we try to start CUPS in it.
15:51 Changeset [24198] by broder
In reactivate: * Fix the policy-rc.d to actually allow for restarting cups and cupsys inside the chroot. Apparently pipes can delineate patterns, but don't mean anything within a single pattern, such as the one one pattern that results from variable expansion.
15:13 Changeset [24197] by broder
Fix a typo in the reactivate postinst.
14:00 Changeset [24196] by broder
In reactivate: * Clean up the CUPS remote queue cache on logout and package upgrades.
12:23 Ticket #452 (put up a "logging in" / "logging out" spinner) created by geofft
Black screens with just a cursor are scary. For bonus points, try to have …
11:45 Ticket #451 (reactivate 2 needs to clean up harder) created by geofft
I thought schroot would save us but it doesn't; the last two machines I …
10:17 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by nelhage
04:14 Ticket #450 (spread the gospel of Debathena packaging) created by geofft
It occurs to me that a fun side project would be to get some other people …


23:49 Ticket #97 (Use unionfs instead of LVM snapshots) closed by broder
fixed: Right! I can close tickets. We moved this to production at 9:59 PM …
23:48 Ticket #441 (reactivate 2 isn't getting krb4 tickets) closed by broder
fixed: Right! I can close tickets. We moved this to production at 9:59 PM …
22:12 Ticket #119 (Moira GUI) reopened by geofft
WONTFIXing tickets because they should go elsewhere without actually …


21:20 Changeset [24195] by broder
Fix build-all's handling of equivs packages and packages that shouldn't be built for a particular release.
16:07 Ticket #449 (Deal with .generation double-sided support for CUPS) created by jdreed
According to Mark Manley, creating ~/.cups/lpoptions which contains […] …
15:14 Ticket #448 (lprm/lpq wrapper should point you at the right CUPS server) created by jdreed
With the transition of the cluster printers to CUPS, lprm and lpq now only …


20:11 Ticket #447 (Update login session options for new gdm in karmic) created by rbasch
We will need to update our login session customizations for the new …
18:17 Changeset [24194] by broder
Bump the squeeze tag we append to packages for a rebuild.
18:16 Changeset [24193] by broder
Update our build infrastructure and docs to use aufs chroots instead of LVM snapshots.
17:29 Ticket #446 (debathena-lprng fails to patch lpc on squeeze) created by broder
The debathenify-lprng script fails to rename lpc -> mit-lpc on Squeeze. …
10:55 Changeset [24192] by broder
Re-arrange debathena-moira changelog since version 4.0.0+cvs20090922-0debathena2 was never uploaded.
10:54 Changeset [24191] by broder
In moira: * New CVS snapshot. * Drop patch fix-update-ticket, which was incorporated upstream.
10:45 Ticket #391 (Stop debathenifying bash and tcsh because no one uses double-tilde) closed by broder
fixed: All done.
10:41 Ticket #418 (pam-config enables libpam-krb524 on krb4-less systems) closed by broder
10:41 Ticket #428 (debathena-pidgin-wrapper doesn't respect ATHENA_USER) closed by broder
10:40 Ticket #347 (discuss configure.in uses obsolete AC_TYPE_SIGNAL) closed by broder
10:40 Ticket #266 (debathena-discuss: missing manpages) closed by broder
10:31 Changeset [24190] by broder
In moira: * Add a missing definition of ${prefix} in include/Makefile.in so that the moira.h header actually gets installed in /usr/include/moira. (Trac: #445)
09:44 Ticket #445 (debathena-libmoira-dev doesn't install moira.h) created by jdreed
third/moira/include/Makefile.in does not define $prefix, and $includedir …
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