22:12 Changeset [24373] by broder
In afs-config: * Bump debhelper compatibility level (no other changes needed).
22:11 Changeset [24372] by broder
In afs-config: * CellServDB update (merging in changes from grand.central.org).
14:59 Changeset [24371] by jdreed
In msmtp-config: * Install a man page for sendmail (Trac #269)
13:50 Ticket #399 (look at f-u-s-a change to indicator-applet-session) closed by jdreed
duplicate: Fixed in #496.
13:25 Changeset [24370] by jdreed
Bump the version number to reflect the changes in r24369
13:23 Changeset [24369] by jdreed
Tweak dependecies for Karmic (Trac #515)
03:31 Changeset [24368] by geofft
In reactivate: * Merge reactivate's CUPS-restarting logic, which waits for BrowsePolling to complete, with debathena-cupsys-config's, which checks to make sure that cups is running first, and use a common file for both. In cupsys-config: * Merge in some of reactivate's CUPS-restarting logic.
03:31 Changeset [24367] by geofft
In reactivate: * Use debathena-cupsys-config's restarting logic, which checks to make sure that cups is running.
03:30 Changeset [24366] by geofft
In cupsys-config: * Refactor the CUPS-restarting logic into a separate shell script so that other postinsts can share code with it.
03:30 Changeset [24365] by geofft
In reactivate: * Fix a typo in 2.0.9.
03:27 Changeset [24364] by geofft
Add traceroute to extra-software-nox per request of 6.033.


23:25 Changeset [24363] by jdreed
Make it work with Karmic by... - removing /usr/lib/indicator-session/indicator-users-service, thus disabling "Switch User" - Removing /etc/init/tty{1..6}.conf - Installing ttymsg as /etc/init/ttymsg.conf
17:07 Changeset [24362] by jdreed
--compare versions != --compare-versions
12:21 Ticket #530 (su/sudo shouldn't break if you lose network) created by geofft
It is kind of annoying that you cannot become root on a …


19:35 Changeset [24361] by broder
Create new debathena-aclocal package for common autoconf macros.
16:45 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by mitchb
debathena-uncluster from jdreed, debathena-fourthparty and … (diff)
14:57 Changeset [24360] by broder
Remove the ATHENA_ARES autoconf macros. Now that we are no longer maintaining zephyr, these macros are not used.
14:53 Changeset [24359] by broder
kcr is the new upstream for zephyr: http://zephyr.1ts.org/
12:50 Changeset [24358] by jdreed
Workstation requires extra-software, so don't let users pretend they have any control over that.
02:33 Ticket #529 (Make Athena ready to transition away from single-DES) created by andersk
[Not entirely a Debathena bug, but this is the most convenient place to …


16:57 Changeset [24357] by broder
Use pagsh -c in the auto* cron jobs.
16:56 Changeset [24356] by broder
Upgrade a chroot before attempting to do a build in it.
16:54 Changeset [24355] by broder
I don't know what I was thinking, but print is not a shell builtin.
16:54 Changeset [24354] by broder
Actually cleanup the autolivebuilder runfile on error.
16:42 Changeset [24353] by broder
Don't hardcode /home/debuild into the autolivebuilder
13:06 Changeset [24352] by broder
Use /bin/bash for the auto{livebuilder,debathenificator}.
11:53 Ticket #431 (Karmic's gdm does not support custom commands, e.g. launching the kiosk ...) closed by broder
fixed: kiosk 1.2 was moved to production a while back, so this is fixed.
11:51 Ticket #249 (Update Debathena signing key away from 1024-bit DSA) closed by broder
fixed: This transition has finally been completed. Everything should be getting …
11:50 Ticket #491 (counterlog should include `lsb_release -sd`) closed by broder
fixed: Moved to production.


03:00 Changeset [24351] by broder
In reactivate: * Bump the debhelper compatibility level as high as we can.
02:56 Changeset [24350] by broder
In reactivate: * Be more robust in the preinst when fixing schroot.conf.
02:51 Ticket #528 (athena-auto-update should 'aptitude install') created by geofft
So apparently if debathena-reactivate is unpacked but not configured …


20:27 Changeset [24349] by jdreed
Deal with keyboard input less stupidly in athena-renumber
18:51 Changeset [24348] by jdreed
Initial commit of debathena-recovery-mode-config (Trac #468)
18:49 Changeset [24347] by jdreed
Create directory for new recovery-mode-config package (Trac #468)
13:20 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by mitchb
debathena-dot-firefox-aufs-overlay-config, from oremanj (diff)


17:36 Changeset [24346] by broder
In afs-config: * Remove the processed CellServDB and CellAlias from version control, and always generate them at build time. (Because svn always updates timestamps, the .debathena files were never getting regenerated)
17:00 Changeset [24345] by broder
In afs-config: * Bump debhelper compatibility level (no other changes needed).
16:50 Changeset [24344] by broder
In afs-config: * CellServDB update from /afs/athena/service/CellServDB: remove old athena.mit.edu DB server.
13:01 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by mitchb
debathena-ops-ack, from jdreed (diff)
12:16 Changeset [24343] by broder
In counterlog: [ Jonathan Reed ] [ Evan Broder ] * Bump debhelper and standards versions (no change required).
12:08 Changeset [24342] by broder
Bump reactivate's debhelper compatibility level.
12:05 Changeset [24341] by broder
In reactivate: * Bump standards version (no changes required).
11:57 Changeset [24340] by broder
In reactivate: * Reboot on update if we haven't rebooted for the bind-mount fix from 2.0.8 already.
11:46 Changeset [24339] by broder
In afs-config: * Update standards version (no changes required).
11:41 Changeset [24338] by broder
In afs-config: * CellServDB update from /afs/athena/service/CellServDB: add new athena.mit.edu DB server.


14:50 Changeset [24337] by jdreed
Run dpkg --configure -a each time (trac (#407)
14:12 Ticket #404 (Research and report regression in OO.o) closed by jdreed
worksforme: This works fine through printers.mit.edu to a Dell 5110cn with …
09:51 Changeset [24336] by jdreed
Replace "machtype" with lsb_release -sc as per Trac #491, and add dependency on lsb-release package
09:48 Changeset [24335] by jdreed


10:43 Changeset [24334] by broder
In the installer, verify the apt signing key with SHA512 instead of SHA1.
10:28 Changeset [24333] by rbasch
Add /usr/bin to the PATH in reactivate's init script.
10:02 Changeset [24332] by rbasch
In reactivate: * Fix the check to determine whether we have already bind-mounted /media. (Trac: #493) * Clean up the per-user files cached locally by the new gdm. (Trac: #527)
01:04 Changeset [24331] by broder
Update installer's sha1sum for archive keyring.
00:53 Changeset [24330] by broder
Add the new archive signing key to the build-server scripts, so that build chroots pick it up.
00:44 Changeset [24329] by broder
Update debathena-archive-keyring's standards version.
00:43 Changeset [24328] by broder
In archive-keyring: * Squash some debhelper-related Lintian warnings.
00:40 Changeset [24327] by broder
In archive-keyring: * Remove the old "Debian-Athena" signing key (997D6B23) from the keyring.


23:54 Changeset [24326] by broder
Punt more references to unsupported releases.
23:51 Changeset [24325] by broder
Etch is dead. May it toss and turn in its grave forever.


13:12 Changeset [24324] by broder
Start building for Lucid by default.
12:50 Changeset [24323] by broder
In moira: * There is no "lib" section - it's "libs".


15:54 Changeset [24322] by broder
In moira: * New SVN snapshot.
14:56 Changeset [24321] by rbasch
In xsession: * Prevent debathena-nocalls from being set as the default session in gdm's cached dmrc, as well as in the home directory file.
13:22 Ticket #527 (Clean up new gdm's caching of dmrc files) created by rbasch
The new gdm in karmic tries to cache dmrc and face files in …
02:14 Changeset [24320] by broder
In moira: * Drop patch install-headers, which was incorporated upstream.
02:03 Changeset [24319] by broder
New Moira snapshot from SVN.


01:13 Ticket #526 (returning from locked screen (saver) sometimes lies about focus) created by kaduk
About half the time tonight, when returning from screen saver (locked …


04:52 Ticket #497 (backport schroot to Karmic) closed by geofft


19:38 Ticket #525 (tty logins sometimes leak according to finger) created by geofft
[…] Note that this affects both debathena-finger and stock finger …


13:41 Ticket #524 (GUI for print job removal) created by geofft
We should either write a simple PyGTK app to display the current print …


23:21 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by andersk
14:09 Ticket #523 (Restore GUI browsing of course lockers) created by jdreed
The foot menu (and Dash) had a browsable tree of course lockers (or at …
11:39 Ticket #522 (rgb.txt missing in Jaunty) created by jdreed
Programs which want to look at the rgb database (like, say, "showrgb") get …


15:40 Changeset [24318] by broder
Now that DebianImportFreeze has passed, prep for building Lucid packages.
15:32 Ticket #521 (chsh.moira doesn't take -s) created by broder
The Moira chsh doesn't take a -s argument to specify a shell on the …
15:30 Ticket #520 (chsh(1) is made of lies) created by broder
The chsh(1) manpage (which is the one that comes with the passwd package) …


04:08 Ticket #519 (mention access control docs at end of install-debathena.sh) created by geofft
It took me like five clicks to get to …


00:49 Changeset [24317] by geofft
In reactivate: * /lib/init/mount-functions.sh is gone as a side effect of Karmic increasingly _actually_ using Upstart, so stop using it and just implement the (very small) logic we wanted from it ourselves. * Add a two-minute timeout to postinst code that could be an infinite loop in appropriately unfortunate circumstances.
00:20 Ticket #518 (Kill lpr2 with fire) created by jdreed
Unless release-team or consultdev objects, I will soon replace lpr2 with a …


15:35 Ticket #517 (syslog if auto-update fails) closed by geofft
15:35 Ticket #517 (syslog if auto-update fails) created by geofft
and coordinate with ops so they pick up the logs and report on that …
15:34 Ticket #516 (syslog if auto-update fails) created by geofft
and coordinate with ops so they pick up the logs and report on that …
12:39 Ticket #485 (make sure 6.824 isn't using the Athena 9 install script) closed by broder
01:05 Ticket #515 (tweak thirdparty dependencies for lucid and amd64) created by geofft
thirdparty was tweaked for Karmic i386. We should verify installability …
01:02 Changeset [24316] by geofft
In reactivate: * Permit (possibly-backported) upstream schroot at a version that includes our patches as an alternative to the debathena-schroot dependency.


22:02 Changeset [24315] by geofft
schroot: Fix an FTBFS by restoring an empty directory. Yaaargh git.
21:27 Changeset [24314] by geofft
In schroot: * Merge with Debian unstable; remaining changes: - Backport to Karmic, and adjust build-deps.
16:49 Ticket #514 (Update /usr/prototype_user/welcome for the 21st century) created by jdreed
This file is super crufty and should be updated. Updating it by April …
15:44 Ticket #513 (Add fortune-mod to -extra-software-nox) created by jdreed
I use this in documentation as an example of a command which generates …


15:30 Changeset [24313] by rbasch
In cluster-login-config: * On new-gdm platforms only, remove the xsessions .desktop files for xterm and gnome-failsafe sessions (formerly disabled in gdm's configuration).
10:49 Changeset [24312] by broder
In cupsys-config: * Lengthen BrowseInterval and BrowseTimeout to reduce unnecessary load on CUPS servers when things aren't changing.
04:41 Ticket #403 (mitmailutils should use krb5) closed by geofft
fixed: mitmailutils was moved to production a little while back; Evan also …
02:03 Changeset [24311] by geofft
In cupsys-config: * Flush remote.cache, because CUPS isn't good at realizing that you switched BrowsePoll hosts and so it should forget the old server's queues.
02:03 Changeset [24310] by geofft
Initial release of debathena-nmh-config (Trac: #74)


17:02 Ticket #512 (sftp subsystem should not return stdout/stderr from dotfiles) created by geofft
(this should be discussed with upstream OpenSSH) Surely there must be …
01:52 Ticket #478 (mh-smail calls send -msgid, which doesn't work) closed by geofft
fixed: This was moved to production on January 21.
01:41 Ticket #429 (gdm-config should set /apps/gdm/simple-greeter/disable_user_list) closed by geofft
fixed: I've moved the most recent gdm-config to production, which presumably …
01:35 Ticket #430 (gdm-config should skin post-2.20 gdms) closed by geofft
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