09:00 Ticket #651 (attach in standard dotfiles breaks sftp) closed by jdreed
fixed: This is #512. The specific problem with attach has been fixed. Having …
08:52 Changeset [24794] by jdreed
In locker-menu: * Temporarily fix MATLAB by making it run in a terminal (Trac #541)
08:06 Ticket #307 (the non-gdm tty "press ctrl-alt-f7 to log in" messages are gone in Jaunty) closed by jdreed
duplicate: This is #496
08:05 Ticket #477 (debathena-lprng cron job causes daily mail with error to be sent) closed by jdreed
worksforme: I can't reproduce this, on multiple machines. If this persists, please …
07:55 Ticket #661 (Outreach to existing beta-linux and alpha-linux members) created by jdreed
We should reach out to beta-linux users and alpha-linux users and make …
07:52 Ticket #660 (Do something useful with the foo-linux clusters) created by jdreed
The following clusters exist in moira: -alpha-linux -beta-linux …
07:27 Ticket #659 (debathena-tex-config occasionally causes pdftex to barf) created by jdreed
I have occasionally seen tex-config barf and spew a whole bunch of crap …


00:27 Changeset [24793] by geofft
In dotfiles: * Change from attaching $USER unconditionally to attaching $ATHENA_USER if $DEBATHENA_HOME_TYPE is set to "afs", to avoid an error message if you run the Athena .bashrc in a local account, as e.g. "sudo bash"/"sudo -s" does. Based on a patch from (and Signed-off-by) Thomas Coles <tcoles@mit.edu>.


23:10 Changeset [24792] by geofft
In dotfiles: * Bump upstream version number because previous changes (and this change) modified things outside debian/. * Drop 0debathena business from the Debian version number because Debathena has been upstream for a while now. * Only attach $USER if $ATHENA_USER is set, to avoid an error message with "sudo bash". Patch from Thomas Coles. Signed-off-by: Thomas Coles <tcoles@mit.edu> [geofft: also switch to attaching $ATHENA_USER instead of $USER] Signed-off-by: Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@mit.edu>
16:36 Ticket #658 (Users must authenticate to print from GTK+ apps) created by jdreed
When printing from GTK+ apps (or, at the very least, gedit and Firefox), …
12:14 Ticket #657 (lucid cluster installs permit graphical root logins) created by jdreed
This is not good.


18:20 Ticket #656 (clusters should provide more local disk) created by kaduk
We have traditionally recommended running data-intensive simulations into …
13:07 Ticket #655 (remote syslog includes hostname twice) created by jweiss
remote syslogs collected from some machines (such as cvp and zulu) include …
10:50 Ticket #654 (New users logging into Lucid don't get "Athena Mail" in panel) created by jdreed
When I log into a Lucid machine with a clean account, I don't get "Athena …


18:08 Changeset [24791] by amb
- Make sure we really have dig installed before using it. - Move hesiod-derived apt info to debathena.clusterinfo.list (vice debathena.list) to match what the updater maintains. - Clean up syntax a bit (per Evan's mail).


05:21 Ticket #315 (debathena-ssh-server-config breaks ssh logins without a keytab) closed by geofft
fixed: Replying to geofft: > LGTM, built and uploaded to proposed. …
05:21 Ticket #653 (send something to upstream about the GSSAPIKeyExchange missing keytab ...) created by geofft
We locally fixed #315 by hacking on the initscript. There are some …
05:18 Ticket #636 (debathenified nmh drops patch to wrap all mhshow(1) output in more(1)) closed by geofft
fixed: I've uploaded this to production. We should follow up with the pitchforked …


23:08 Changeset [24790] by geofft
In athena-libraries: * Add libgtksourceview1.0-0 (explicitly, instead of going through the scary rules logic, because the scary rules logic scares me) because the stata locker needs it. Request from Alex Prengel.
15:20 Ticket #652 (lpq output broke again) created by jdreed
Once again, CUPS is determined to ensure that lpq remains useless: […]
10:53 Changeset [24789] by jdreed
In dotfiles: * Run attach -q (and -h) so as not to break sftp
10:43 Changeset [24788] by jdreed
In dotfiles: * Run attach -q so as not to break sftp
10:40 Ticket #651 (attach in standard dotfiles breaks sftp) created by broder
Because r24770 and r24771 added calls to attach $USER without specifying …
10:06 Ticket #558 (Your locker might not be in the attachtab when you run quota) closed by jdreed
fixed: Tested and moved to production.


12:55 InterMapTxt edited by jdreed
08:55 Changeset [24787] by jdreed
In ssh-server-config: * Disable GSSAPI if there's no keytab when sshd is started (Trac #315)
08:14 Ticket #237 (Use icedtea6-plugin for Java) closed by jdreed
fixed: This is "fixed" in that we have switched to icedtea, because we have no …
08:13 Ticket #650 (Reg applet occasionally doesn't work with IcedTea) created by jdreed
See #237: rbasch wrote: On my lucid VM, with openjdk-6-jdk …


16:48 Ticket #576 (add Stata to xcluster) closed by jdreed
wontfix: See #577. I don't want to put effort into re-writing xcluster.
16:44 Ticket #280 (Helpful bugme notifications) closed by jdreed
16:36 Ticket #575 (add NextBus data to xcluster) closed by jdreed
wontfix: This is not xcluster's job.
16:06 Changeset [24786] by jdreed
Pre-install resolvconf when appropriate to workaround upstream bug
14:54 Ticket #649 (Installer should offer to change your apt repo to mirrors.mit.edu) created by jdreed
The installer should offer (not require) to change your default apt repo …
14:16 Ticket #648 (Installer bails on Lucid due to poor interaction with bind9 and resolvconf) created by jdreed
On Lucid installs (possibly only LiveCD-based installs?), resolvconf is …
12:46 Changeset [24785] by adehnert
Install wget in installer (Trac: #646)
12:31 Ticket #647 (Remove the Java Licensing text from the installer) created by jdreed
We're no longer using Sun Java; users need not agree to the Sun Java …
12:27 Ticket #646 (Installer secretly depends on wget) created by adehnert
If you try to run the installer on something that doesn't already have …
11:52 Ticket #645 (Evolution wrapper lacks a man page) created by jdreed
It should have one.


19:47 Ticket #644 (Migrate back from ~/.gconf-debathena-* to ~/.gconf) created by andersk
Debathena currently uses ~/.gconf-debathena-lsb_release -c (e.g. …


00:16 Ticket #643 (setup doesn’t work in tcsh spawned from bash) closed by andersk
worksforme: Oops, my ~/.cshrc was bogus.
00:11 Ticket #643 (setup doesn’t work in tcsh spawned from bash) created by andersk


14:15 Changeset [24784] by broder
In printing-config: * If DEBATHENA_DEBUG is set, print the command that's about to be executed.


14:48 Changeset [24783] by broder
Fix a typo in debathenify-nmh.
14:44 Changeset [24782] by broder
Forward-port the patch from r13008 for the debathenified nmh. (Trac: #636)


21:18 Changeset [24781] by broder
printing-config: python-debian in some releases has a missing dependency on python-apt.
21:10 Changeset [24780] by broder
printing-config: Add a missing import
21:05 Changeset [24779] by broder
printing-config: Add another missing build-dep.
20:22 Changeset [24778] by broder
printing-config: Update build-dependencies. Since the build process runs the test suite, all Python dependencies are now build-deps.
20:20 Changeset [24777] by broder
In printing-config: * Bump Debian standards version.
20:15 Changeset [24776] by broder
printing-config: Fix up build-depends.
20:13 Changeset [24775] by broder
Mark printing-config 1.20 for release.
12:17 Ticket #618 (nmh users lose if they don't delegate credentials) closed by broder
fixed: Fix moved to production.
12:16 Ticket #547 (Update ttymsg for Lucid's gdm tty) closed by broder
fixed: Fix moved to production.
12:15 Ticket #545 (initial gnome-terminal opens in wrong place on Lucid) closed by broder
fixed: Fix moved to production.
00:59 Changeset [24774] by broder
printing-config: Exclude statements that can't be unit-tested from coverage calculations.
00:34 Changeset [24773] by broder
printing-config: Make sure that we are mocked for our test coverage
00:16 Changeset [24772] by broder
printing-config: Add debathena.printing.test_lpr for testing the lpr module. Test cases taken from -c debathena zlogs.
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