19:45 Ticket #678 (Debian's clisp-dev has dumb dependencies) created by geofft
 clisp-dev is a Recommendation of …
16:23 Changeset [24833] by jdreed
Revert r24827 and r24828
12:34 Changeset [24832] by jdreed
... and bump the version
12:29 Changeset [24831] by jdreed
Depend on cluster-printing-config
12:25 Changeset [24830] by jdreed
Actually release it
12:19 Changeset [24829] by jdreed
Make rules executable
11:03 Changeset [24828] by jdreed
11:00 Changeset [24827] by jdreed
In locker-menu: * Make Evince stop hiding itself (Trac: #663)


13:42 Changeset [24826] by jdreed
Once again, ifeq != ifneq
13:39 Changeset [24825] by jdreed
In cupsys-config: * Change the diversion of cupsd.conf so that it includes a separate file * Make restart_cups aware of this new file
13:38 Changeset [24824] by jdreed
cluster-cups-config, in case we need it


13:25 Ticket #677 ([printing] 9050s rotate A4 documents) created by kaduk
Not sure if this is a debathena bug or not, but when I spool an A4 …


15:09 Changeset [24823] by jdreed
In kiosk: * Rename button to make it more obvious how to register * Depend on a Java plugin (Trac: #675)
12:44 Ticket #676 (athinfo's timeout option should only affect the establishment of a ...) created by jdreed
athinfo's new timeout option is great, but it should only timeout while …
09:42 Ticket #675 (icedtea6-plugin doesn't get installed on Lucid; reg applet doesn't work) created by jdreed
I have two amd64 machines, both installed with the PXE installer. Neither …


17:13 Changeset [24822] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Add an applet to monitor /etc/nologin on new-GDM
11:12 Ticket #674 (alpine renders html non-breaking space incorrectly) created by jweiss
It appears that when alpine renders an html message that contains a …


23:37 Ticket #659 (debathena-tex-config occasionally causes pdftex to barf) closed by jdreed
duplicate: Yes, I think this is #669.
23:28 Changeset [24821] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Fix typo in rules file
23:27 Changeset [24820] by jdreed
ifneq is not the same as ifeq
23:01 Changeset [24819] by jdreed
Release 1.22, we can combine the launch code later
22:23 Changeset [24818] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Add branding widget for new gdm (Trac: #505)
22:07 Changeset [24817] by jdreed
Switch to glade for the branding
17:50 Changeset [24816] by jdreed
Add debathena-branding widget


22:04 Ticket #673 (Rebuild for Squeeze) created by geofft
Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" was released. We should bump ~debian6.0~0.2 to just …
21:56 Ticket #672 (Build for Maverick) created by geofft
Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat" reached DebianImportFreeze? a while ago and …
20:37 Ticket #671 (integration tests for debathena-printing-config) created by geofft
So, debathena-printing-config has lots of little unit tests, which is …
20:25 Changeset [24815] by geofft
In printing-config: * Fix a typo in common.get_default_printer() (Trac: #665). * Add a missing dependency on the pkg_resources module.
16:57 Ticket #670 (CUPS 1.3 clients can't get queue state from CUPS 1.4 servers) created by geofft
This is a continuation of ticket #652, which we worked around locally by …
16:34 Changeset [24814] by geofft
lpq: subprocess.Popen().wait() is subprocess.call()
16:18 Changeset [24813] by geofft
In printing-config: * Work around broken cups-lpq interactions between 1.4 servers and older clients, by falling back to LPD manually implemented if the arguments to lpq are trivial (Trac: #652).
05:02 Ticket #669 (tex-config does not like being installed or uninstalled) created by geofft
If tex-config is installed without TeX being installed, you get […] and …


15:12 Changeset [24812] by jdreed
UBUNTU_RELEASE is always set now
14:31 Changeset [24811] by jdreed
Be more verbose when debugging
13:29 Changeset [24810] by jdreed
In cluster-login-config: * Transform the pam gdm config to disallow root gdm logins (Trac #657)
11:56 Changeset [24809] by jdreed
The package is called kexec-tools, not kexec
11:44 Ticket #668 (Come up with an authenticated upgrade path) created by jdreed
Geoff notes on zephyr: At some point I would appreciate us packaging the …
02:46 Ticket #667 (d-i and anna do not recover from network issues well) created by geofft
So, there's #666 about mirrors.mit.edu having been _particularly_ bad in …


23:03 Changeset [24808] by jdreed
Fix path to kexec
22:39 Changeset [24807] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Add athena-auto-upgrade to try and upgrade machines to a new release * Depend on kexec, for auto-upgrade
22:16 Ticket #666 (Ask mirrors.mit.edu maintainers to upgrade lighttpd) created by jdreed
Geoff notes that Anders directed us to: …


21:23 Changeset [24806] by jdreed
Fix typo in r24805 and add quoting
21:19 Changeset [24805] by jdreed
Do tests Right(tm)
20:48 Changeset [24804] by jdreed
Add a .default file and use better variable names
20:31 Changeset [24803] by jdreed
Provide a mechanism for the sysadmin to allow upgrades on not-cluster
17:29 Ticket #665 (lpr/lpq/lp do not detect default printer) created by kchen
[…] When I go to System->Administration->Printing, I find that I have …
02:51 Changeset [24802] by geofft
thirdparty-libraries: Add libcurl4-gnutls-dev per alexp's mail of 10 August 2010


14:28 Ticket #664 (saferm doesn't deal with largefiles) created by jweiss
When invoked from clean-tmp-areas: saferm: foo: Value too large for …
12:44 Changeset [24801] by geofft
Actually libmpc2 doesn't exist on Jaunty, so make it a recommendation
12:42 Changeset [24800] by geofft
More tweaks to thirdparty per Alex' followup mail of 6 August 2010
03:37 Changeset [24799] by geofft
Changes to thirdparty per Alex' mail of 5 August 2010


11:10 Ticket #663 (Document Viewer isn't in the Applications menu) created by jdreed
It totally should be, especially because Acrobat is becoming increasingly …


11:25 Changeset [24798] by jdreed
In fact, no, don't see also aptitude(1)
11:22 Changeset [24797] by jdreed
First draft of upgrade script


19:02 Ticket #541 (matlab from "MIT Software" does not work) closed by geofft
fixed: Tested, seems to work modulo the unsightly extra terminal, moved to …
19:02 Ticket #662 (matlab from "MIT Software" does work, but hackishly) created by geofft
We made the matlab launcher start in a terminal to resolve #541; this …
12:58 Changeset [24796] by jdreed
Fix typo
11:42 Changeset [24795] by geofft
In dotfiles: * Undrop the 0debathena business because we're not Debian. * Actually run attach instead of echoing it. I suck.


09:00 Ticket #651 (attach in standard dotfiles breaks sftp) closed by jdreed
fixed: This is #512. The specific problem with attach has been fixed. Having …
08:52 Changeset [24794] by jdreed
In locker-menu: * Temporarily fix MATLAB by making it run in a terminal (Trac #541)
08:06 Ticket #307 (the non-gdm tty "press ctrl-alt-f7 to log in" messages are gone in Jaunty) closed by jdreed
duplicate: This is #496
08:05 Ticket #477 (debathena-lprng cron job causes daily mail with error to be sent) closed by jdreed
worksforme: I can't reproduce this, on multiple machines. If this persists, please …
07:55 Ticket #661 (Outreach to existing beta-linux and alpha-linux members) created by jdreed
We should reach out to beta-linux users and alpha-linux users and make …
07:52 Ticket #660 (Do something useful with the foo-linux clusters) created by jdreed
The following clusters exist in moira: -alpha-linux -beta-linux …
07:27 Ticket #659 (debathena-tex-config occasionally causes pdftex to barf) created by jdreed
I have occasionally seen tex-config barf and spew a whole bunch of crap …


00:27 Changeset [24793] by geofft
In dotfiles: * Change from attaching $USER unconditionally to attaching $ATHENA_USER if $DEBATHENA_HOME_TYPE is set to "afs", to avoid an error message if you run the Athena .bashrc in a local account, as e.g. "sudo bash"/"sudo -s" does. Based on a patch from (and Signed-off-by) Thomas Coles <tcoles@mit.edu>.


23:10 Changeset [24792] by geofft
In dotfiles: * Bump upstream version number because previous changes (and this change) modified things outside debian/. * Drop 0debathena business from the Debian version number because Debathena has been upstream for a while now. * Only attach $USER if $ATHENA_USER is set, to avoid an error message with "sudo bash". Patch from Thomas Coles. Signed-off-by: Thomas Coles <tcoles@mit.edu> [geofft: also switch to attaching $ATHENA_USER instead of $USER] Signed-off-by: Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@mit.edu>
16:36 Ticket #658 (Users must authenticate to print from GTK+ apps) created by jdreed
When printing from GTK+ apps (or, at the very least, gedit and Firefox), …
12:14 Ticket #657 (lucid cluster installs permit graphical root logins) created by jdreed
This is not good.


18:20 Ticket #656 (clusters should provide more local disk) created by kaduk
We have traditionally recommended running data-intensive simulations into …
13:07 Ticket #655 (remote syslog includes hostname twice) created by jweiss
remote syslogs collected from some machines (such as cvp and zulu) include …
10:50 Ticket #654 (New users logging into Lucid don't get "Athena Mail" in panel) created by jdreed
When I log into a Lucid machine with a clean account, I don't get "Athena …


18:08 Changeset [24791] by amb
- Make sure we really have dig installed before using it. - Move hesiod-derived apt info to debathena.clusterinfo.list (vice debathena.list) to match what the updater maintains. - Clean up syntax a bit (per Evan's mail).
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