16:34 Ticket #749 (run ntpdate in reactivate) created by geofft
Apparently sometimes cluster machines get their clock skewed far enough …


22:36 Ticket #748 (two quota warnings, one saying that you're out of quota) created by geofft
Presumably if you have more than 99.5% quota, you get two quota warning …


16:04 Ticket #747 (rebuild live CD) created by geofft
The last live CD we have is Jaunty, i.e., EOL'd.


19:58 Ticket #746 (zephyr subs disappear in under a minute on gaston.mit.edu) reopened by geofft
Reopening because this is a different issue from #133: that ticket is "we …
19:39 Changeset [24910] by geofft
In zephyr-config: * In the if-up.d script, restart instead of start, as the zhm initscript passes -N (don't send an HM_BOOT flushing subscriptions) on the restart command. This works around losing subscriptions if you manage to start multiple zhms (which is possible due to a Zephyr 3 bug involving SO_REUSEADDR) by the initscript and if-up.d script racing; see discussion around Trac #133. Upstream will fix the actual bug allowing multiple zhms to run. We should possibly actually do as Trac #133 says and kill off the initscript entirely in this package, possibly by replacing it with an Upstart job that starts on runlevel or network, or alternatively let upstream do so eventually, but this fixes the immediate issue.
18:15 Ticket #746 (zephyr subs disappear in under a minute on gaston.mit.edu) closed by jdreed
18:03 Ticket #746 (zephyr subs disappear in under a minute on gaston.mit.edu) created by kchen
I heard this happen on another machine before, but hadn't seen it myself …


00:56 Ticket #745 (Manpage for moira(1) doesn't list stanley et al) created by adehnert
The manpage for moira(1) lists blanche(1) in the see also section, but not …


00:36 Changeset [24909] by geofft
extra-software: Recommend poppler-data This is non-Free metrics data or something from Adobe that fixes display of PDFs in certain scripts. Notably, course handouts for 21F.103 are among the PDFs that need this data to render properly. Reported by davidben.


19:18 Ticket #744 (Make Linux AFS able to work with union mounts) created by geofft
This is a followup to #463. Although we don't intend to use union mounts …


14:01 Ticket #743 (auto-update should be less loud when kernel updates come out) created by jdreed
Right now, if a new kernel update comes out before openafs is built, and …


12:07 Changeset [24908] by ghudson
In delete: * Patches from Jonathan Kamens: - The "-f" flag to delete should suppress nonexistent file errors but not other errors. - When the "-v" flag is specified to expunge, the correct totals should be reported. Previously, the totals were incorrect. - Code cleanup.


21:07 Ticket #742 (athinfo.defs should use better test for cluster machines) created by jdreed
As per release-team discussion, "machtype -v -L | grep debathena-cluster" …


14:48 Ticket #741 (tab completion of printer names) created by geofft
I want lpq -Paca[TAB] to expand it to -Pacantha, etc. Same for lp -d and …


18:18 Changeset [24907] by geofft
In mitmailutils: * Have mailquota tell you what quota it's displaying, so that the mailquota output from dotfiles makes more sense.


01:26 Ticket #740 (Package CSAIL CA) created by quentin
Firefox et al currently don't recognize sites signed by the CSAIL CA; …
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