22:01 Ticket #788 ((some) printer2 queues are broken) created by kaduk
Maybe just for cluster printers? We should follow up with Ops and get …
17:13 Ticket #787 (GSSAPIKeyExchange causes delays when sshing to non-MIT servers) created by andersk
From the zlogs a year ago (-c debathena -i gssapikeyechange, 2010-01-12), …


20:23 Ticket #786 (usernames with trailing underscores should lose less loudly) created by kaduk
Upon login, from(1) and mailquota(1) both error out with, if I remember …


13:28 Changeset [24930] by geofft
Natty isn't released yet, oops
12:55 Changeset [24929] by geofft
scripts: Add Natty to debian-versions.sh and sources.list.d
12:11 Changeset [24928] by geofft
NOTES: A few updates, primarily more thorough build-all instructions Also start making some assumptions that this is for Debathena and not for Athena 10.


22:00 Changeset [24927] by jdreed
For completeness, turn nocasematch back off when we're done
20:23 Ticket #785 ("resume" option in recovery mode doesn't) created by jdreed
When choosing the "resume" option from the recovery menu, X does not …
16:30 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by jdreed
12:59 Ticket #784 (athena-auto-update should use start-stop-daemon) created by jdreed
It's been noted athena-auto-update should use start-stop-daemon, which …
12:43 Changeset [24926] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Don't depend on at, because bad things happen (Trac #782)
10:34 Ticket #783 (We need a recovery hook) created by jdreed
We need a somewhat reliable hook for when machines explode. This can be …
10:31 Ticket #782 (auto-update needs to use desync -t) created by jdreed
We debated this in #309 and ended up with at(1). This has now failed. I …


18:03 Ticket #781 (Provide a USB installer) created by jdreed
gPXE is not what we want here, because it's often the PXE server that's …
06:16 Ticket #780 (gdm-config/debian/rules is quite ill-fitted for building a source package) created by geofft
[…] The culprit seems to be these lines: […] That said, though, we …
05:45 Changeset [24925] by geofft
install-debathena.sh: Really don't break Maverick (Trac: #755) The check needs to happen after we run apt-get update, since the issue at hand is with a system that all of a sudden tries to process new updates from Ubuntu. It also needs to happen before we install dnsutils, because that's where the first breakage is (see Debian #610845). So we move it earlier and run apt-get once again before we add our repo. However, now that it happens before aptitude is installed, we need to use apt-get for the check, since that's all we can count on existing. This updates r24922 "Don't break maverick".


18:36 Ticket #730 (debathena-nsswitch-config should divert initctl to unset ...) closed by andersk
invalid: […]
17:29 Ticket #679 (libpam-afs-session ships its own pam-auth-update config file) closed by geofft
fixed: This was moved into production a couple of days ago.
17:26 Changeset [24924] by lizdenys
Configure alpine to use the MIT LDAP server (Trac: #774).
15:44 Ticket #779 (Enhance ureadahead to allow overrides) created by broder
On Ubuntu, the ureadahead daemon runs at the very beginning of the boot …
15:40 Ticket #778 (Do not use dpkg-query in Xsession.d scripts) created by broder
Right now, several of the scripts in /etc/X11/Xsession.d use `dpkg-query …
15:35 Ticket #777 (De-serialize the login process) created by broder
Right now there are several elements of the cluster login that completely …
15:31 Ticket #776 (Change debathena-metrics wrapper to use start-stop-daemon instead of ...) created by broder
When I originally wrote the debathena-metrics code, I used daemon(1) to …
15:26 Ticket #775 (Cluster logouts are slow because of schroot stupidity) created by broder
/etc/schroot/setup/15killprocs in schroot is responsible for making sure …
00:01 Ticket #767 (dh_listpackages "fatal error" while generating debian/control with CDBS) closed by geofft
wontfix: The issue is the "fatal" error […] caused by running `dh_listpackages …


21:10 Ticket #774 (alpine should be aware of the MIT LDAP server) created by achernya
alpine should be configured to use the MIT LDAP servers for …
21:07 Ticket #773 (create packages.debathena.org) created by lizdenys
We should really have packages.debathena.org, in the same vein as …
20:56 Ticket #771 (debathena-pyhesiodfs postinst is not idempotent) closed by kaduk
invalid: Evan points out that the adduser is actually idempotent, as it is adding a …
20:02 Ticket #772 (unbreak NFS lockers) created by kaduk
We currently only support AFS lockers, but there are still some NFS …
19:16 Ticket #771 (debathena-pyhesiodfs postinst is not idempotent) created by kaduk
Look at those bare adduser(1)s!
19:06 Changeset [24923] by jdreed
In tellme: * We don't need a .dirs file (Trac: #768)
19:04 Ticket #768 (debathena-tellme should list usr/share/man/man1 in .dirs) reopened by jdreed
The bug is that the .dirs file exists.
18:43 Ticket #770 (debathena-kiosk maintainer script is not idempotent) created by kaduk
we can add to /etc/sudoers multiple times.
18:28 PackageNamesWeDidntuse edited by jdreed
18:24 Ticket #768 (debathena-tellme should list usr/share/man/man1 in .dirs) closed by jdreed
18:06 Ticket #769 (Publicity when freshmen arrive) created by geofft
It's not as well-known as it should be that it's reasonable to install …
17:56 Ticket #768 (debathena-tellme should list usr/share/man/man1 in .dirs) created by kaduk
Currently debathena-tellme.dirs only has usr/bin but …
17:34 Changeset [24922] by jdreed
Don't break maverick
17:26 Ticket #767 (dh_listpackages "fatal error" while generating debian/control with CDBS) created by kaduk
Or so says geofft during debathena-trainees. Perhaps we should care?
17:25 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by kaduk


14:30 ClusterConfig edited by jdreed
13:15 GettingStartedWithDevelopment edited by jdreed
05:59 PAM created by geofft


21:36 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by zhangc
20:27 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by lizdenys
18:42 Ticket #766 (debathena-pyhesiodfs should stop using macathena as an upstream) created by kaduk
And get rid of that ugly 0.0 version number So sayeth geofft (and I can't …
17:51 Ticket #765 (Convert moira to dh7 and cleanup moira-clients rules file) created by kaduk
geofft thinks we don't need the DH_STRIP_ARGS_foo
17:40 CaffeinatedMake edited by kaduk
typo found during talk (diff)
13:45 ClusterConfig created by jdreed
13:13 Ticket #764 (Get libstdc++.so.5 on to the dialups) created by jdreed
The rest of the world still relies on this library, unfortunately, so we …
12:43 MaintainerScripts edited by jdreed
12:42 MaintainerScripts edited by jdreed
12:37 ConfigPackageDev created by jdreed
12:36 MaintainerScripts edited by jdreed
11:00 AnatomyOfAPackage edited by jdreed
10:59 MaintainerScripts created by jdreed
10:03 NSS created by geofft
09:59 Ticket #763 (Upgrade Trac to 0.12 when we move to demeter) created by jdreed
See also #718
09:07 HowAthenaWorks created by geofft
08:38 CaffeinatedMake edited by geofft
07:47 CaffeinatedSubversion edited by geofft
07:35 GettingStartedWithDevelopment edited by geofft
07:32 GettingStartedWithDevelopment edited by geofft
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15:32 Copyright edited by jdreed
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14:17 RepositoryBestPractices created by jdreed
13:56 Copyright created by jdreed
13:54 CompatLevels created by jdreed
13:48 AnatomyOfAPackage created by jdreed
13:26 CaffeinatedMake created by jdreed
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12:23 CaffeinatedSubversion created by jdreed
10:56 GettingStartedWithDevelopment created by jdreed


22:11 HackathonTopics edited by geofft
22:11 Ticket #762 (Add keyctl to Debathena) created by geofft
Quentin's requested keyctl for pagbug diagnostics. It's tiny, …
22:10 Ticket #761 (have a system to install packages at login) created by geofft
One thing that would make the login chroots much more useful for people is …
22:08 Ticket #760 (make apt faster on clusters) created by geofft
Installing things is kind of slow. It's been getting better with some dpkg …


16:59 Ticket #759 (The rescue-mode-based Athena force-updater is multiply-broken under Lucid) created by amb
The rescue-mode-based Athena force updater offers to "shutdown and …


11:16 Ticket #758 (floatflt.sty missing in Lucid) created by jdreed
The Interwebs suggest that floatflt.sty has been removed from Texlive due …


15:54 Changeset [24921] by amb
Desupport jaunty.
15:50 Ticket #757 (Stop building for Jaunty) created by jdreed
15:49 WorkflowPolicy edited by amb
15:39 Ticket #680 (Remind Jaunty users that the world ends in October) closed by jdreed
fixed: Done. The mails also included a plea to subscribe to release-announce, as …
15:38 Changeset [24920] by jdreed
Bump version
15:15 Changeset [24919] by jdreed
Be louder about non-64bit machines
14:54 Changeset [24918] by jdreed
Slightly less ugly
14:52 Changeset [24917] by jdreed
Add architecture type to login screen
14:42 Changeset [24916] by jdreed
Update for Vostro and remove sarcasm
14:11 Ticket #756 (debathena-branding in gdm-config fails for 1440x900 resolutions) created by jdreed
The "Welcome toAthena" window overlaps the login window, though it's still …
13:43 Ticket #648 (Installer bails on Lucid due to poor interaction with bind9 and resolvconf) closed by amb
fixed: This fix had been deployed.
13:36 Ticket #666 (Ask mirrors.mit.edu maintainers to upgrade lighttpd) closed by amb
fixed: No problems with mirrors.mit.edu have been noted recently, so yay.
13:16 Ticket #557 (Update PXE installer for Lucid) closed by amb
fixed: This got fixed a while ago. We're still using a front-end loader which …


12:19 Changeset [24915] by amb
Desupport 32-bit installs.


18:32 Changeset [24914] by amb
Detect and report the install architecture before the "press return to continue" prompt.
17:03 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by xavid
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