15:10 Changeset [24993] by jdreed
Add preinst
15:10 Changeset [24992] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Remove old cron.d file while attempting to comply with Debian policy
14:35 Changeset [24991] by jdreed
Make the test in check-afs.sh more robust
14:04 Changeset [24990] by jdreed
In xsession: * Inform the user that they will lose if there's no AFS
12:35 Ticket #764 (Get libstdc++.so.5 on to the dialups) closed by jdreed
fixed: jweiss moved this to athena.dialup on 2/25.
11:49 Changeset [24989] by jdreed
Use correct version when removing cron.d file
11:48 Changeset [24988] by jdreed
Remove old cron.d file in postinst


10:30 Changeset [24987] by jdreed
Remove DOS linebreaks
10:28 Changeset [24986] by jdreed
Make script executable
09:41 Changeset [24985] by jdreed
Use correct syntax in Depends line
09:32 Changeset [24984] by jdreed
In athinfod-cluster-config: * Add lsusb and usb-hid queries, and Python support for the latter


22:39 Ticket #820 (debathena-metrics should only accept messages from the kernel) created by nelhage
Since auditing for this seems to be my thing lately.... Any process can …
19:13 Ticket #819 (/etc/nologin needs to stop being a symlink) created by geofft
A while back I had this brilliant idea that /etc/nologin on cluster …


01:04 Ticket #818 (Run athinfod during the install) created by geofft
#817 and the fact that thumbdrives plugged in during a PXE install can …
00:51 Ticket #817 (Athinfo query for USB HIDs) created by jdreed
A common problem in the clusters is mice and keyboards walking off. It …


23:37 Ticket #816 (debathena-nologin-monitor may not reliably work) created by jdreed
I kicked off an update on m56-129-16 today via at(1) and no message …
22:34 Ticket #815 (Don't let auto-update use more CPU than the minimum it can get away with) created by geofft
A professor has complained that the Athena terminal in his lecture hall …
14:56 Changeset [24983] by jdreed
In athinfod-cluster-config: * Depend on debathena-machtype, not machtype
14:55 Changeset [24982] by jdreed
debathena-machtype, not machtype
13:46 Changeset [24981] by jdreed
In network-manager-config: * Put nm-applet on the LoginWindow in new gdm


16:29 Changeset [24980] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Install debathena-license-config and reconfigure packages as necessary
15:18 Ticket #814 (Screensaver "Log Out" no longer works reliably) created by jdreed
This was briefly working for a while, and now no longer works reliably (I …
14:26 Ticket #813 (Unity has rendered our docs and screenshots obsolete) created by jdreed
Because there's no longer a Firefox icon, a Help icon, or separate Places …


20:55 Changeset [24979] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Applets shouldn't attempt to steal focus
20:54 Ticket #812 (gdm applets steal focus from login window) created by jdreed
It's not possible to hit "Enter" and simply log in, because some of our …
20:43 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by jdreed
20:42 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by jdreed
20:30 Changeset [24978] by jdreed
Actually replace the dpkg-query invocation
20:28 Changeset [24977] by jdreed
In gconf2-config: * Don't use dpkg-query because it's slow (Trac #778)
20:19 Changeset [24976] by jdreed
In xsession: * Don't use dpkg-query because it slows logins down; instead ship actual scripts in /usr/share and source them (Trac #778)
15:55 Changeset [24975] by jdreed
In cluster-cups-config: * Add mitprint queue (Pharos) (Trac #804)
14:26 Changeset [24974] by jdreed
Add debathena-license-config
13:45 Ticket #621 (Trac zephyr plugin should include ticket types) closed by jdreed
fixed: Fixed, modulo attempting to commit this to the git repository.
13:28 Ticket #810 (test) closed by jdreed
13:27 Ticket #811 (test2) closed by jdreed
13:27 Ticket #811 (test2) created by jdreed
13:26 Ticket #810 (test) created by jdreed


10:46 Ticket #809 (Upgrade build chroots weekly) created by jdreed
Is there a good reason not to run all-schroots upgrade-schroot out of …
10:32 Changeset [24973] by jdreed
Actually specify the correct file
10:28 Changeset [24972] by jdreed
Build-dep on files we're transforming
10:14 Ticket #808 (athinfod should support packages adding their own queries) created by jdreed
This is the second half of 693. At some point, athinfod should support …
09:58 Changeset [24971] by jdreed
Remove blank lines at end of athinfo.defs


06:45 Ticket #807 (test upstream change to LPRng) created by geofft
Upstream took a somewhat different patch to fix compiling on Natty (and …


21:08 Ticket #806 (debathena-msmtp constructs useless From lines for non-null instances) created by jdreed
If I run sendmail -t (or, more specifically, if I run a script that in …
21:02 Ticket #128 (Write cron job to e-mail about packages in -proposed) closed by jdreed
fixed: /mit/debathena/cron_scripts/debathena-nag.pl will be run at 8am each day.
20:31 EmailNagger edited by jdreed
20:31 EmailNagger edited by jdreed
20:09 Changeset [24970] by andersk
19:03 EmailNagger edited by jdreed
19:02 EmailNagger edited by jdreed
19:01 EmailNagger edited by jdreed
18:59 EmailNagger created by jdreed


18:44 Ticket #805 (printing-config should be nonnative) created by geofft
At some point printing-config grew entirely out of hand to become a Python …
18:15 Changeset [24969] by jdreed
In bugme: * Don't run dpkg-query (Trac: #778)
17:58 Changeset [24968] by jdreed
In larvnet: * Revert the changes from 10.0.6, because dpkg-query is slow (Trac: #778)
17:41 ReleaseSupport edited by jdreed
17:38 ReleaseSupport edited by jdreed
01:22 Changeset [24967] by geofft
extra-software: dwm-tools was renamed to suckless-tools


23:33 Copyright edited by jdreed
22:54 Changeset [24966] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Set UCF_FORCE_CONFFfoo variables where appropriate (Trac #552)
22:36 Ticket #743 (auto-update should be less loud when kernel updates come out) closed by jdreed
wontfix: The auto-updater is doing the right thing. We're not, if we let the …
22:32 Ticket #554 (auto-update should refuse to run if -development is enabled) closed by jdreed
22:30 Ticket #804 (cluster-cups-config should spool directly to Pharos printers) created by jdreed
The Pharos release team desires all cluster workstations to spool directly …
22:25 Ticket #782 (auto-update needs to use desync -t) closed by jdreed
fixed: This hit production on Thursday at 1pm, and the world has so far failed to …
22:21 Changeset [24965] by achernya
Package the CSAIL CA (Trac: #740) [Actual certs]
22:17 Changeset [24964] by achernya
Package the CSAIL CA (Trac: #740).
19:37 Changeset [24963] by geofft
debathenificator: pbuilder-satisfydepends wants aptitude


18:47 Ticket #803 (renew shouldn't be implemented as a shell function) created by geofft
Shell functions are annoying for a couple of reasons: * If your dotfiles …
12:45 Changeset [24962] by jdreed
Prep for release
10:59 Changeset [24961] by jdreed
Use the correct regexp
10:57 Changeset [24960] by jdreed
Use ifup, because networking is probably already up
10:40 Changeset [24959] by jdreed
In recovery-mode-config: * Divert /usr/share/recovery-mode/options/netroot so that it actually works rather than just running dhclient and hoping for the best * Fix typo in athena-update


14:01 Changeset [24958] by jdreed
Don't fail catastrophically during PXE installs


23:53 Ticket #802 (Look at unattended-upgrades) created by geofft
It's possible we should be using Ubuntu's unattended-upgrades package …
22:51 Ticket #776 (Change debathena-metrics wrapper to use start-stop-daemon instead of ...) closed by geofft
duplicate: Duplicate of #616.
22:46 Ticket #801 (warning on the login screen if essential local services are down) created by geofft
If things like openafs-client or cron (for auto-updates) or networking or …
12:20 Milestone IAP 2011 completed
11:46 Ticket #800 (PXE installer should inform users that it's installing) created by jdreed
Users are often eager to reboot machines that don't display a login …
11:35 Ticket #799 (Provide a configuration package for exim4 or postfix) created by jdreed
Some users want the ability to run a real MTA (i.e. one that listens on …
11:33 Ticket #83 (debathena-msmtp-mta should do local delivery for local users) closed by jdreed
fixed: So, debathena-msmtp-mta now honors /etc/aliases, which is part of this …
04:11 Changeset [24957] by geofft
NOTES: do-build also handles equivs packages properly
04:02 Changeset [24956] by geofft
Revert stuff accidentally committed in r24955
03:57 Changeset [24955] by geofft
NOTES: do-build handles debathenified packages properly these days


22:46 Changeset [24954] by andersk
debathena-pine no longer exists
18:47 Changeset [24953] by geofft
Make a wheezy chroot. No, we're not building for wheezy anytime soon; it's just useful to have the chroot around.
14:20 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by jdreed
12:51 Ticket #798 (Force an update at boot time) created by jdreed
Relying on the updater to run periodically is not foolproof, especially in …
12:47 Changeset [24952] by jdreed
Add install.log
12:46 Changeset [24951] by jdreed
In athinfod: * Move cluster-specific queries to athinfod-cluster-config (Trac #693)
12:41 Changeset [24950] by jdreed
Add new athinfod-cluster-config package
12:40 Changeset [24949] by jdreed
New package


22:08 Changeset [24948] by geofft
In pyhesiodfs: * Set /proc/$pid/oom_adj to -17 (never OOM kill this process). Code loosely adapted from ssh's initscript.
18:05 Ticket #797 (Follow gnome-settings-daemon print notifications messaging) created by broder
It looks like gnome-settings-daemon is taking over system-config-printer's …
15:58 Changeset [24947] by geofft
athdir: Fixes to r24934 Among other things, this isn't a packaging change, so bump the non-Debian version component.


16:16 ReleaseSupport edited by jdreed
11:54 Changeset [24946] by geofft
In shell-config: * Avoid multi-line aliases in tcsh, because they play poorly with precmd (in particular the return value of precmd becomes $?, trashing the return value of the real previous command). It works fine if you remove the linebreaks. I hate tcsh so much.


16:40 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by jdreed
12:19 CollaborationPolicy created by jdreed
11:16 Ticket #796 (-cluster shouldn't permit logins if there's no AFS) created by jdreed
The at debacle left some machines without AFS (because it was also taking …


14:36 Changeset [24945] by geofft
In help-config: * Update transform script to work with modified .desktop file in Natty.


15:50 Ticket #795 (map for clusters.mit.edu Nagios) created by geofft
Nagios supports rendering a map if you give it x/y coordinates for each …
14:08 Changeset [24944] by jdreed
In dotfiles: * Stop setting LPROPT (Trac #794)
14:06 Ticket #794 (Stop setting LPROPT in the CUPS world) created by jdreed
$LPROPT is mostly useless, and occasionally harmful.
13:59 Ticket #721 (mit-printing-config lpq sometimes tracebacks on Jaunty) closed by jdreed
worksforme: Can't reproduce.
13:50 Changeset [24943] by jdreed
Add moira-update-server (Trac #711)
13:48 Ticket #697 (Make installation on 10/half networks suck less) closed by jdreed
fixed: I special-cased 38-370 in auto-upgrade, and 2-032 is now a 100Mbit …
13:46 Ticket #695 (Add an atq athinfo query) closed by jdreed
13:40 Changeset [24942] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Pre-seed /var/lib/athena-update-status (Trac #686) * Cleanup status file on uninstall
13:02 Changeset [24941] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Configurable conffile conflict behavior on workstation (Trac #543)
13:02 Changeset [24940] by jdreed
Add Trac closer for r24935
12:40 Ticket #793 (lightdm-config should be able display a MOTD on the login screen) created by jdreed
We should package yet another gdm-config applet to display the contents of …
11:10 Changeset [24939] by jdreed
A period is not a comma
11:01 ReleaseSupport edited by jdreed
11:00 ReleaseSupport edited by jdreed
10:56 ReleaseSupport edited by jdreed
10:56 ReleaseSupport edited by jdreed
10:54 ReleaseSupport edited by jdreed
10:53 ReleaseSupport created by jdreed
09:34 Ticket #756 (debathena-branding in gdm-config fails for 1440x900 resolutions) closed by jdreed
fixed: This was moved to -proposed a while ago, and the TTL has long since …


17:16 Changeset [24938] by geofft
thirdparty-information: Add artha Per alexp.
15:33 Ticket #792 (auto-update needs to accept the ttf-mscorefonts-installer license) created by geofft
We're currently not getting all the updates because …


16:21 Changeset [24937] by jdreed
Inform the user about licenses
15:17 Ticket #455 (Inventory WRW apps on Athena and determine how they print) closed by jdreed
15:13 Ticket #791 (updater should generate static crontab files at install time) created by jdreed
We briefly discussed this a while ago, but didn't implement it due to the …
14:48 Changeset [24936] by jdreed
Fix typos in maintainer scripts
14:42 Changeset [24935] by jdreed
In auto-update: * Generate crontabs at configure time * Run an update at boot time if it's been too long since the last one
14:13 Changeset [24934] by geofft
In athdir: * In configure.ac, add libathdir's LIBS to LIBS, not LDFLAGS. If the linker is picky about the order of objects on the command line (as Natty's appears to be), this fixes a FTBFS.
12:51 Changeset [24933] by jdreed
Don't inadvertantly disable auto-upgrades
12:27 Ticket #790 (/usr/share/recovery-mode/options/netroot is useless on cluster machines) created by jdreed
As usual, Ubuntu doesn't believe in the existence of networks with …
12:14 Ticket #755 (install-debathena.sh destroys freshly-installed Maverick systems) closed by jdreed
fixed: Pushed.
11:23 Changeset [24932] by jdreed
11:18 Changeset [24931] by jdreed
Instruct user to run apt-get, not aptitude
10:24 Ticket #789 (client mail logs are sometimes desirable) created by jweiss
I occasionally miss being able to look thru syslogs to see whether a mail …


22:01 Ticket #788 ((some) printer2 queues are broken) created by kaduk
Maybe just for cluster printers? We should follow up with Ops and get …
17:13 Ticket #787 (GSSAPIKeyExchange causes delays when sshing to non-MIT servers) created by andersk
From the zlogs a year ago (-c debathena -i gssapikeyechange, 2010-01-12), …


20:23 Ticket #786 (usernames with trailing underscores should lose less loudly) created by kaduk
Upon login, from(1) and mailquota(1) both error out with, if I remember …
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