12:52 Changeset [25422] by jdreed
12:03 Changeset [25421] by jdreed
In workstation: * Depend on debathena-tex-config only if texlive-binaries is earlier than 2009-10, which is when support for /etc/papersize was added
11:22 Ticket #669 (tex-config does not like being installed or uninstalled) reopened by jdreed
OK, yeah, this is still a problem. I just tried to uninstall it on my …


01:37 Changeset [25420] by adehnert
Fix dasource when run with a relative path If you try to dasource using a relative path, instead of using a full path, it'll error out when trying to run daorig. The reason for this is that daorig is run as $basedir/daorig, but inside a subshell with a different CWD. Fix this by using readlink -f to get a full path instead of just initializing $basedir as $(dirname "$0").


16:55 Ticket #1102 (Consider switching to git) created by jdreed
because all the cool kids are doing it. And because of git-buildpackge or …
16:19 Ticket #1101 (Grand plan for fixing build-all and da and sbuildhack) created by geofft
Our current largest issue is that it's hard to upload a fixed version of a …
15:46 Ticket #1100 (consider doing something more useful with /etc/athena/version) created by kaduk
It's currently always 10.0 We might make it more meaningful at build time …
15:42 Ticket #1099 (consider nagios check for unplugged monitor) created by kaduk
We do keyboard/mouse, can we do this?
15:38 Ticket #1098 (deprecate lprng syntax in printing-config) created by kaduk
We want to get out of the business of translating -Zduplex into -o …
15:02 Ticket #1097 (Kill tex-config with fire) created by jdreed
It is no longer needed, because tex has joined the 21st century and …
15:02 Ticket #669 (tex-config does not like being installed or uninstalled) closed by jdreed


16:00 Changeset [25419] by jdreed
In quota: * Don't use /usr/lib/afs/libcom_err.a if it doesn't exist


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20:25 Cluedump created by jdreed


23:33 Changeset [25418] by kaduk
In reactivate: * Leave a reason for why we're rebooting in the athena-reactivate log.
16:47 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by kaduk


21:36 Changeset [25417] by geofft
In firefox-wrapper: * Force the dialog buttons to be "OK" and "Cancel". (At some point they started defaulting to "Yes" and "No".)


22:33 Ticket #1096 (dasource should intelligently handle repo URL) created by geofft
It'd be cool if our tools defaulted to using the public SVN repo URL, and …


16:54 Ticket #1095 (-c filsrv has been broken because we failed to uncomment initprogs in ...) created by jdreed
[…] Uncommenting the last line and changing the path would make zinit …
13:22 Ticket #1094 (Quickstation users shouldn't lock screens) created by jdreed
Or at least shouldn't be able to lock screens for more than a minute …
12:26 Ticket #1093 (wheezy no longer close enough to squeeze) created by amu
Now that …
12:06 Ticket #1092 (Package PyAFS whether it's a good idea or not) created by jdreed
Because of #395 and #227 and probably more.


14:42 Ticket #857 (Move the AFS copy of the svn repo to the athena cell) closed by jdreed
fixed: Done, and resync'd. I did a new checkout in src-svn because svn on …


15:31 Changeset [25416] by geofft
In tex-config: * Since 1.1, fmtutil-sys may not necessarily be installed, so test if it's there before calling it. (If it's not called, that's fine.) Closes part of Trac: #669.


17:32 Changeset [25415] by geofft
Check in gen-distributions script (from /mit/debathena/apt/conf)


19:19 Changeset [25414] by adehnert
In sendbug: * Add a --help option. (http://diswww.mit.edu/menelaus/bugs/27568) * Fix the manpage to not reference MH. * Bump the compatibility level to 6.
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Merge updates from Trac 0.12.2 (diff)
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21:14 Ticket #1091 (Install rubber in extra-software or something) created by geofft
Apparently one reason that one might object to bothering to fix #1090 is …
20:53 Ticket #1090 (Debian's texlive is aging) created by geofft
Debian, even in unstable, still only has TeX Live version 2009, and Ubuntu …


16:56 Changeset [25413] by jdreed
DTRT if a user has a debathena.list file, but every line is commented out because do-release-upgrade sucks


19:46 Changeset [25412] by jdreed
Cast return value of set_com_err_hook to void
17:07 Changeset [25411] by jdreed
In discuss: * edsc now defines and sets its own com_err hook to avoid libdsk confusing emacs (Trac: 603)
16:25 Changeset [25410] by bbaren
In gdm-config: * Put original Debathena logo at its original filename. * Make debathena-branding handle missing images gracefully.
16:21 Changeset [25409] by bbaren
In gdm-config: * Make Athena owl blink.
16:13 Ticket #603 (edsc should deal with unexpected discuss errors) reopened by jdreed
16:11 Ticket #603 (edsc should deal with unexpected discuss errors) closed by jdreed
16:01 Changeset [25408] by jdreed
In kerberos-config: * NUMENOR.MIT.EDU is no more
15:56 Changeset [25407] by jdreed
In kerberos-config: * Add win.mit.edu (Trac: #1086)
15:22 Ticket #438 (install MS Office on clusters) closed by jdreed
wontfix: Office is free for everyone now.
15:12 Ticket #363 (No tickets on login with identical passwords in debathan-login) closed by jdreed
wontfix: Documented, wontfix.
15:04 Ticket #283 (debathena-workstation Live CD install doesn't display feedback) closed by jdreed
fixed: Installs from LiveCD no longer supported.
14:29 Ticket #179 (File bug about bad sources.list typo error message) closed by jdreed
14:22 Ticket #161 (Make texlive install more quickly.) closed by jdreed
wontfix: I agree with Geoff. I think we "fixed" this by inventing dual-core …
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