11:52 Ticket #1111 (metrics is broken) created by jdreed
... and has been since November 9 or so.


11:39 Ticket #1110 (More robust dotfiles) created by jdreed
Currently, if you screw up your PATH, the behavior is kind of terrible. …


10:38 Changeset [25442] by jdreed
In getcluster: * Revert changes to getcluster.c in r25378. Continue with broken behavior and hope that nobody sets a clusterinfo value with a space in it.


00:44 Ticket #1109 (XDG_CACHE_HOME should be pointed to a local directory) created by davidben
The …


14:44 Ticket #1108 (Use msmtp 1.4.25 alias expansion) created by andersk
geofft points out that [ DebianBug:578017 msmtp 1.4.25 supports alias …


13:03 Changeset [25441] by geofft
In printing-config: * Handle an empty Hesiod result set more gracefully (not sure if this is possible, but it's worth being robust to)


14:08 Ticket #1011 (Give up on kexec for auto-upgrades) reopened by jdreed
13:59 Ticket #1011 (Give up on kexec for auto-upgrades) closed by jrjarvis
13:13 Ticket #1107 (Thunderbird syncs entire Inbox locally by default) created by jdreed
Thunderbird thinks you should have a full local copy of your Inbox for …
11:47 Changeset [25440] by jrjarvis
Give up on kexec for upgrades https://athena10.mit.edu/trac/ticket/1011


13:49 Ticket #1106 (debathena-gdm-config background doesn't show up in GNOME 3) created by geofft
After upgrading the rest of my Wheezy system to GNOME 3, …
12:17 Ticket #1105 (The MIT Software menu is maybe broken?) created by jdreed
We should either fix it, or remove it, but it's basically unusable now. …


21:20 Changeset [25439] by kaduk
In reactivate: * Save lots of debugging information if we are rebooting in reactivate. It will go to athena-reactivate.log for later forensics.


19:04 Changeset [25438] by kaduk
In getcluster: * Update date for getcluster.1 to reflect reality


16:33 Changeset [25437] by jdreed
Support Oneiric; set DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive everywhere
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