16:09 Changeset [25474] by jdreed
Remove unnecessary format string in clients/moira/main.c Eliminate unnecessary sprintf
15:51 Changeset [25473] by jdreed
In syslog: * Deal with multi-arch by only accepting the first line aptitude returns * Comment out unused DEFAULT_SYSLOG variable in rules
15:38 Changeset [25472] by jdreed
In moira: * Make -Werror=format-security happy
13:15 Changeset [25471] by jdreed
In reactivate: * No-change rebuild to pick up changes from r25453 (making the various scripts executable)
12:04 AddingOrRebuildingASuite edited by jdreed
00:13 Ticket #1132 (system:anyuser probably shouldn't have list permissions on ~/.gnupg) created by dlaw
GPG creates files inside ~/.gnupg that contain semi-private information in …


01:19 Changeset [25470] by geofft
Switch to tar-based chroots (Trac: #873)


23:37 Changeset [25469] by geofft
In discuss: * Fix FTBFS with -Werror=format-security.
23:21 Changeset [25468] by geofft
In dns-config: * Check for template named.conf.options in /usr/share/bind9, as it is in e.g. Precise.
21:20 Ticket #1131 (NM/dnsmasq possibly makes debathena-dns-config obsolete) created by geofft
I believe Ubuntu's doing …


01:21 Changeset [25467] by geofft
Build precise
01:20 Changeset [25466] by geofft
Bump precise tag for final build


12:48 Changeset [25465] by jdreed
The contents of NOTES are now in the wiki
12:45 AddingOrRebuildingASuite edited by jdreed
12:43 APTRepositoryHTTPServerSetup created by jdreed
12:43 MaintainingAutodebathenify created by jdreed
12:43 AddingOrRebuildingASuite created by jdreed
12:42 SettingUpACanonicalBuildArea created by jdreed
12:42 RemovingADistFromTheAPTRepository created by jdreed
12:42 RemovingABuildChroot created by jdreed
12:41 SettingUpABuildServer created by jdreed
12:40 UpdatingTheAPTRepository created by jdreed
12:40 BootstrappingTheProjectInfrastructure created by jdreed
12:40 MetapackagePolicy edited by jdreed
12:37 BuildingATestPackageOnAllPlatforms created by jdreed
12:33 BuildingATestPackage created by jdreed
12:29 Changelog created by jdreed
12:25 GettingStartedWithDevelopment edited by jdreed
10:36 ProjectOverview edited by jdreed
10:35 ProjectOverview created by jdreed


19:53 Ticket #1127 (worry about openafs in precise) closed by kaduk
fixed: Anders pushed through with LP #984422 to get openafs 1.6.1 synced into the …
12:23 Changeset [25464] by jdreed
Lenny has gone to the attic


14:05 Ticket #1130 (Pressing [redacted] will open a gnome-terminal in kiosk mode) created by jdreed
We should either fix this or decide we don't care.
13:51 Ticket #1129 (Convince CUPS to support OS-level defaults) created by jdreed
CUPS should grow something like $LPROPT so that a user has a way to say …
13:49 Ticket #1128 (Convince CUPS to grow a non-stupid duplex argument) created by jdreed
-o sides=two-sided-long-edge is a UX nightmare. Convince CUPS …


11:34 Changeset [25463] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Include deprecation warning for LPRng-style arguments to support future removal


01:42 Ticket #1127 (worry about openafs in precise) created by kaduk
Due to unfortunate interactions between how Russ handles the Debian …


15:03 Ticket #1126 (/usr/athena/bin/python breaks with /usr/athena symlink) created by andersk
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