13:23 Ticket #196 (squeeze+ releases should include deb60 sysnames) closed by jdreed
13:21 Ticket #748 (two quota warnings, one saying that you're out of quota) closed by jdreed
fixed: This got pushed out already.
13:19 Ticket #1086 (add WIN.MIT.EDU to krb5.conf) closed by jdreed
fixed: This went out a while ago.
11:59 Changeset [25513] by jdreed
Unset the trap before we exit
11:52 Changeset [25512] by jdreed
- Don't die if grep-dctrl returns non-zero - Throw in an EXIT trap for future generations to provide some feedback if we die
11:41 Changeset [25511] by jdreed
Fix typo in package name introduced in r25502
10:58 Changeset [25510] by jdreed
Unbreak pre-DKMS installs, which have been broken since April 2011 and nobody noticed.
09:56 Changeset [25509] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * gdm-config will temporarily Provide the old branding packages to avoid the possibility of anything terrible happening.


16:51 Changeset [25508] by jdreed
Use X-Debathena-Build-For in c-l-c and tex-config
16:37 Changeset [25507] by jdreed
Use new X-Debathena-Build-For field
16:35 Changeset [25506] by jdreed
In thirdparty-audio: * Demote xmcd to recommendation; gone as of precise In thirdparty-graphics: * Demote povray, sdr, and xprint-utils to recommendations * glutg3 is now called freeglut3 * libghc6 is now libghc In thirdparty-languages: * jython-gcj is now part of jython In thirdparty-libraries: * Stop depending on specific versions and depend on the generic -dev packages for libvtk, libginac, libcln, libitpp, libpari (including gmp3) and libboostc * vtk-tcl got renamed to tcl-vtk * libppl got a version boost * xulrunner-dev demoted to a recommendation In thirdparty-programming: * Ironpython is gone in Precise
13:18 Ticket #1138 (Update thirdparty for Precise) created by jdreed
Thirdparty won't work in precise: -audio: xmcd is gone -programming: …
12:12 Changeset [25505] by jdreed
Cleanup version command
12:11 Changeset [25504] by jdreed
Use minimal athinfod in the installer
10:59 Ticket #508 (Restore legacy LaTeX packages) closed by jdreed
10:58 Ticket #758 (floatflt.sty missing in Lucid) closed by jdreed
wontfix:  http://www.tug.org/pipermail/tex-live/2011-August/029862.html suggests …
10:15 Ticket #356 (Firefox pops up extension list on startup) closed by jdreed
worksforme: Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make …


17:20 Changeset [25503] by jdreed
In firefox-extension: * Don't attempt to symlink two things in the same place; on newer versions of Firefox, /usr/lib/firefox/extensions is a symlink into firefox-addons
16:30 Ticket #1137 (firefox-extension doesn't install on Precise) closed by jdreed
16:22 Ticket #1137 (firefox-extension doesn't install on Precise) created by jdreed
[…] I have no idea why it thinks it can't install that symlink.
16:22 Ticket #1136 (firefox-extension doesn't work with modern FF on new installs) created by jdreed
The extension has been broken for a while now. We should have stopped …
15:31 Changeset [25502] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Remove -branding packages. Ancient GDM users now get the word "Debathena" instead of the metapackage name. In cluster: * Remove -branding packages In login-graphical: * Remove -branding packages In workstation: * Remove -branding packages
14:17 Changeset [25501] by jdreed
Don't ship files in the same place as other packages
13:50 Ticket #1097 (Kill tex-config with fire) closed by jdreed
fixed: We did this in workstation 1.6, which only depends on tex-config is …
13:24 Changeset [25500] by jdreed
* Add power management dialog * Debconf for installation and removal * i18n for debconf to make Lintian happy
00:03 Ticket #273 (debathena-moira-clients: userreg has a manpage but does not exist) closed by jdreed
fixed: Fixed upstream in r4078. And we closed a ticket in the 200s, woo!


22:31 Changeset [25499] by jdreed
Use the correct field names, since we'll now be looking in the control file, which will have the preceeding 'X-'
22:26 Changeset [25498] by jdreed
Revert r25479 and r25479
21:22 Changeset [25497] by jdreed
Revert r25476 and r25479
20:59 Ticket #913 (Come up with an awesome way to manage nobuild files) reopened by jdreed
NAK, the current code in daupload-proposed doesn't work, because XSC …
20:44 Changeset [25496] by jdreed
In reactivate: * Use new Debathena-Build-For field in control file to control releases this gets built on.
20:43 Ticket #862 (Consider a whitelist equivalent for nobuild) closed by jdreed
duplicate: Fixed in #913.
20:42 Ticket #913 (Come up with an awesome way to manage nobuild files) closed by jdreed
fixed: Deployed to the locker.
20:15 Ticket #1048 (Consider moving back to dm/xlogin) closed by jdreed
20:07 Ticket #682 (You can't completely disable user-switching in new-gdm) closed by jdreed
fixed: This got fixed upstream.
19:57 Changeset [25495] by jdreed
In reactivate: * Stop creating a symlink from /var/run/athena-nologin to /etc/nologin, because other thinks like to clobber /etc/nologin. Our greeter (which you have to use on cluster), will check for our own flag file and deny logins
19:41 Ticket #873 (Our build infrastructure is not reliable) closed by jdreed
fixed: OK, after 2 weeks of tar-based chroots, things look good. I've gone ahead …


20:27 Ticket #1135 (Punt the hacky metapackages used only in build dependencies) created by geofft
sbuild 0.63.0-1 (in git, unreleased) drops the 'internal' dependency …


21:33 Changeset [25494] by jdreed
Initial checkin of functional greeter
10:17 Changeset [25493] by jdreed
In gdm-config: * Populate the GtkImage prior to window mapping so that positioning the window is done correctly


15:59 Changeset [25492] by jdreed
- Wording tweak in beta warning message - Move PXE test earlier in script - Don't interact with the user if you're installing cluster
15:33 Changeset [25491] by jdreed
Add precise to codes
15:16 AddingOrRebuildingASuite edited by jdreed
15:15 AddingOrRebuildingASuite edited by jdreed
14:48 AddingOrRebuildingASuite edited by jdreed
14:47 AddingOrRebuildingASuite edited by jdreed
13:30 Changeset [25490] by jdreed
Make zipping the chroots optional


21:38 PXEInstall edited by jdreed
21:33 Changeset [25488] by jdreed
Fix whitespace: convert tabs to spaces
21:23 Changeset [25489] by jdreed
It's da/pxe, not da/pxetype
21:06 Changeset [25487] by jdreed
Read defaults early to avoid clobbering command-line values Convert kernel argument from debathena/ to da/
20:41 Changeset [25486] by jdreed
Initial checkin of precise installer. netconfig and related code has been removed. clusteraddr command-line argument has been de-supported.
20:20 Changeset [25485] by jdreed
EOL older distributions; display a warning for beta ones.
19:45 Changeset [25484] by geofft
make-chroot: Naming two variables MIRROR is a bad plan
19:02 Changeset [25483] by geofft
make-chroot: Actually allow specifying a custom mirror
17:50 Changeset [25482] by geofft
make-chroot: Minor cleanups Among other things, switch to /var/tmp since /tmp is often mounted nodev.
17:48 Changeset [25481] by jdreed
Initial checkin of lightdm-config
16:40 Ticket #1134 (debathena-moira FTBFS) created by jdreed
Because of -Werror=format-security
16:39 Ticket #1133 (debathena-syslog FTBFS) created by jdreed
Because aptitude returns more than one line, for multiarch support
16:29 Changeset [25480] by jdreed
In syslog: * Deal with multi-arch by checking if aptitude supports the ~r expression * Only accept the first line that's returned from aptitude
15:53 Changeset [25479] by jdreed
Fix quoting issues sbuildhack errors out if no .dsc file specified
15:47 Changeset [25478] by jdreed
In syslog: * Deal with multi-arch by only accepting the first line aptitude returns, and stripping out any arch component that may be there
15:03 Changeset [25477] by jdreed
In moira: * Re-snapshot moira at r4077, which incorporates the -Werror=format-security fixes from 4.0.0-r4073-0debathena2, except from upstream instead of from us.
12:27 Changeset [25476] by jdreed
Use control fields instead of nobuild files (Trac #913)
10:59 Changeset [25475] by jdreed
Maverick is EOL


16:09 Changeset [25474] by jdreed
Remove unnecessary format string in clients/moira/main.c Eliminate unnecessary sprintf
15:51 Changeset [25473] by jdreed
In syslog: * Deal with multi-arch by only accepting the first line aptitude returns * Comment out unused DEFAULT_SYSLOG variable in rules
15:38 Changeset [25472] by jdreed
In moira: * Make -Werror=format-security happy
13:15 Changeset [25471] by jdreed
In reactivate: * No-change rebuild to pick up changes from r25453 (making the various scripts executable)
12:04 AddingOrRebuildingASuite edited by jdreed
00:13 Ticket #1132 (system:anyuser probably shouldn't have list permissions on ~/.gnupg) created by dlaw
GPG creates files inside ~/.gnupg that contain semi-private information in …


01:19 Changeset [25470] by geofft
Switch to tar-based chroots (Trac: #873)


23:37 Changeset [25469] by geofft
In discuss: * Fix FTBFS with -Werror=format-security.
23:21 Changeset [25468] by geofft
In dns-config: * Check for template named.conf.options in /usr/share/bind9, as it is in e.g. Precise.
21:20 Ticket #1131 (NM/dnsmasq possibly makes debathena-dns-config obsolete) created by geofft
I believe Ubuntu's doing …


01:21 Changeset [25467] by geofft
Build precise
01:20 Changeset [25466] by geofft
Bump precise tag for final build


12:48 Changeset [25465] by jdreed
The contents of NOTES are now in the wiki
12:45 AddingOrRebuildingASuite edited by jdreed
12:43 APTRepositoryHTTPServerSetup created by jdreed
12:43 MaintainingAutodebathenify created by jdreed
12:43 AddingOrRebuildingASuite created by jdreed
12:42 SettingUpACanonicalBuildArea created by jdreed
12:42 RemovingADistFromTheAPTRepository created by jdreed
12:42 RemovingABuildChroot created by jdreed
12:41 SettingUpABuildServer created by jdreed
12:40 UpdatingTheAPTRepository created by jdreed
12:40 BootstrappingTheProjectInfrastructure created by jdreed
12:40 MetapackagePolicy edited by jdreed
12:37 BuildingATestPackageOnAllPlatforms created by jdreed
12:33 BuildingATestPackage created by jdreed
12:29 Changelog created by jdreed
12:25 GettingStartedWithDevelopment edited by jdreed
10:36 ProjectOverview edited by jdreed
10:35 ProjectOverview created by jdreed


19:53 Ticket #1127 (worry about openafs in precise) closed by kaduk
fixed: Anders pushed through with LP #984422 to get openafs 1.6.1 synced into the …
12:23 Changeset [25464] by jdreed
Lenny has gone to the attic


14:05 Ticket #1130 (Pressing [redacted] will open a gnome-terminal in kiosk mode) created by jdreed
We should either fix this or decide we don't care.
13:51 Ticket #1129 (Convince CUPS to support OS-level defaults) created by jdreed
CUPS should grow something like $LPROPT so that a user has a way to say …
13:49 Ticket #1128 (Convince CUPS to grow a non-stupid duplex argument) created by jdreed
-o sides=two-sided-long-edge is a UX nightmare. Convince CUPS …


11:34 Changeset [25463] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Include deprecation warning for LPRng-style arguments to support future removal
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