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12:39 Ticket #1373 (Re-imagine quickstations) created by jdreed
Quickstations as we know them don't make a lot of sense in 2013. Let's …
05:15 Ticket #1372 (WebAthena'ized SIAB) created by adehnert
davidben's WebAthena? is a kerberos-in-JavaScript? plus some other Athena …


11:30 Ticket #1371 (Kill off /bin/athena) created by jdreed
This is subtly different from #1263. For one thing, shells are in …
11:25 Ticket #1370 (Track down and file OpenAFS/apparmor bugs) created by jdreed
Users without some .config entries are encountered …


14:51 Ticket #1369 (Start shipping zsh in debathena-standard and up) created by achernya
zsh is a useful shell these days. We could probably even teach the frosh …


07:54 WikiStart edited by adehnert


04:20 Changeset [26036] by adehnert
pyhesiodfs: display ERR lockers (Trac: #1329)


05:30 Changeset [26035] by andersk
In libnss-nonlocal: * New upstream release. - Support Automake 1.12. - Guard one-time initialization with memory barriers. - Make initgroups_dyn succeed when adding only magic groups. * Rewrite packaging with Debhelper 7. * Move magic user and group creation to separate libnss-nonlocal-common package. Full history: git://andersk.mit.edu/nss_nonlocal.git debian/2.1-0debathena1
05:28 Changeset [26034] by andersk
nss_nonlocal: Revert changes made outside Git


10:14 Ticket #1349 (Rebuild debathena-machtype for jessie) closed by jdreed


13:53 Ticket #1363 (Re-import moira to pick up new firewall changes) closed by jdreed
fixed: Laura and I independently tested this, so it goes to production now.
12:39 Changeset [26033] by jdreed
Do not in fact remove libtool; remove the kerberos incremental Makefile
11:51 Changeset [26032] by jdreed
In moira: * Re-import moira at r4114 to pick up bugfix


09:39 Ticket #1368 (polkit is dumb on cluster machines) created by jdreed
See  27623. Polkit should prompt for the user's password, as it …
09:11 Ticket #1367 (Consider archiving old releases) created by jdreed
We haven't cleaned up the APT repo since Intrepid. (At least, I don't see …


20:53 Ticket #1366 (screensaver logout should be even more insistent) created by jdreed
Apparently there's still sometimes wackiness going on in that various apps …
18:22 Changeset [26031] by geofft
build-server: nobuild on Lucid, which doesn't have dh 8
00:57 Changeset [26030] by achernya
In locker: * Convert to dh7 * Update build system to use automake * Provide a pkg-config file * Switch from pioctl to k_pioctl * Don't build for squeeze and lucid, OpenAFS 1.4 is too old
00:23 Changeset [26029] by achernya
In aclocal: * Convert to dh7 * Include Russ Allbery's excellent AFS and KRB5 detection macros in preparation to transition away from the old-style Athena macros.
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