08:47 Ticket #1452 (Update debathena-thirdparty for Trusty) created by jdreed
The package is designed to always build successfully, but we should ensure …


09:33 Ticket #1451 (Symlink /usr/share/libctl3 to libctl) created by jdreed
Per alexp, a symlink is necessary to make mpb work, per faculty request. …


10:43 Ticket #1450 (Ship debathena-yolo with -clients) created by vasilvv
We have discussed this before, but I have never actually got around …


18:56 NewBuildSystem created by jdreed
02:20 Ticket #1449 (python-discuss should actually install /etc/discuss directory) created by vasilvv
Because right now the packaging does not do that. Apparently I completely …


05:32 Ticket #1448 (debathena-apparmor-config FTBFS on trusty) created by vasilvv
debian/transform_X.debathena regular expression fails with apparmor …


23:44 Ticket #1447 (libnss-nonlocal is not installable on jessie) created by achernya
alex@debian-vm:~$ sudo apt-get install libnss-nonlocal Reading package …
23:31 Ticket #1446 (debathena-ssh-server-config breaks on systemd) created by achernya
systemd expects an EnvironmentFile? to not be a runnable shell script, and …
00:28 Ticket #1441 (Make /mit/debathena/apt/db world-readable) closed by achernya
fixed: No objections seen in two weeks; fs sa'd system:anyuser rl.


18:08 Ticket #1445 (attach.py does not support -n) created by jdreed
And apparently attachandrun calls it.


15:03 Ticket #1444 (See if we can finally get rid of the pam/schroot hack in reactivate) created by jdreed
In snapshot-run, we write out KRB5CCNAME to a file to be parsed by …


08:58 Ticket #1443 (athena-auto-update should check for being unable to acquire the apt lock) created by jdreed
athena-auto-update occasionally ends up fighting with the cron-invocated …


16:47 GitWorkflow edited by vasilvv
fix a typo (diff)
15:47 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by kaduk


10:03 Ticket #1442 (syncupdate has no reason to exist) closed by jdreed
duplicate: Dupe of #1103, updating that instead.
02:13 Ticket #1442 (syncupdate has no reason to exist) created by achernya
We have journaling filesystems now, and apt-rdepends indicates it I a …


15:07 GitWorkflow created by jdreed
12:44 Ticket #1210 (auto-update's nologin text has no start time) closed by jdreed
fixed: This was fixed forever ago in 6c6f5dad
12:04 Ticket #1266 (lightdm-greeter sometimes spins on get_authenticated_user()) closed by jdreed
10:48 Ticket #372 (debathena-thirdparty prevents install of newer, conflicting package ...) closed by jdreed
workaround: So, nobody has any opinions on this, I'm going to call it done and not …


15:19 Ticket #1441 (Make /mit/debathena/apt/db world-readable) created by vasilvv
I see no reason for this to be read-restricted to buildserver and …
12:36 Ticket #1429 (Stop building for Squeeze and Lucid) closed by jdreed
fixed: Squeeze lucid and raring are no longer in DEBIAN_CODES. They are in …
12:30 Ticket #1435 (lucid and squeeze broke with debathena-ssh-client-config) closed by jdreed
12:16 Ticket #1401 (Enable multiverse in the Ubuntu build chroots) closed by jdreed
wontfix: I don't remember why we wanted this. Possibly for -thirdparty, but that …
12:13 Ticket #1409 (python-hesiod should be agnostic to filsys types) closed by jdreed
fixed: This went to production a while ago.
11:14 Ticket #1440 (debathena-locker-support attempts to symlink NFS lockers) created by jdreed
debathena-locker-support incorrectly attempts to symlink the mountpoint to …
10:51 Ticket #1003 (install-debathena.sh should be served over https) closed by jdreed
fixed: Raring and later have a sufficiently useful wget, so I just went ahead and …
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