09:32 Ticket #1531 (bash-config diverts a non-managed file) created by jdreed
We attempt to divert /etc/profile, but that's not managed by dpkg, but is …


11:14 Ticket #55 (Package matlab for debathena) reopened by jdreed
We should revisit this for cluster machines, because it would make things …


14:05 Ticket #1530 (Clean up debathena-xsession and kill off "login without customizations") created by jdreed
debathena-xsession is kind of a mess. As part of killing off "Login …
09:36 Ticket #1529 (debathena-lightdm-greeter should check login inhibition before launching ...) created by jdreed
If something tries to start a session without using the GUI (say, the new …
09:31 Ticket #1528 (auto-update should log every single invocation) created by jdreed
Right now, there are a couple of cases where we exit before logging …


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14:01 Ticket #1527 (Add python-pyaudio to -thirdparty) created by jdreed
Per 3partysw:2939373


16:27 Ticket #1526 (consider adding a "common" or "share" sysname) created by kaduk
boojum notes in email that these days, lots of lockers only have …


08:50 Ticket #245 ( breaks 3partysw license managers) closed by jdreed
workaround: Closing. I think the fact that we've been using Real(tm) static IPs on …
08:43 Ticket #1031 (gdm theme is suboptimal on multiple monitors) closed by jdreed
fixed: This got fixed forever ago for lightdm, and I have seen it working in the …
08:42 Ticket #1513 (Add trimage to thirdparty) closed by jdreed
08:42 Ticket #1422 (add python-virtualenv to -thirdparty) closed by jdreed
08:42 Ticket #1394 (add xmobar to thirdparty) closed by jdreed
08:42 Ticket #628 (Use the default Xsession for kiosk mode) closed by jdreed


13:04 Ticket #1525 (user-defined ~/.xsession gone in Trusty) created by jdreed
/usr/share/xsessions/xsession.desktop was provided by gdm in Precise. In …
09:44 Ticket #1510 (3partysw new package request) closed by jdreed
08:28 Ticket #1520 (new packages for 3partysw) closed by jdreed
08:28 Ticket #1457 (additional packages for debathena-thirdparty) closed by jdreed


15:18 Ticket #1524 (Disable cups browsing) created by jdreed
Trusty enables it by default, and some subnets have LOTS of dnssd …
14:26 Ticket #1516 (extra packages needed for 3partysw) closed by jdreed
fixed: Apparently I typo'd and libxp6 didn't make it into 1.6. It's now in …


11:56 Ticket #1523 (debathena-phyesiodfs requires fuse group; configure fails if it does not ...) created by ratinox
The debathena-phyesiodfs package for Debian (jessie is the only one I've …


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16:12 Ticket #1522 (athinfo lspci query should exist) created by jdreed
You should be able to get the output of "lspci -n".


11:21 Ticket #1521 (get_message's man page vanished in the Python transition) created by jdreed
It had one in the C version. We were a little too enthusiastic with "git …
09:54 Ticket #1184 (vinagre missing in debathena-precise) closed by jdreed
invalid: As this ticket is 2 years old, and nobody objected to Geoff's note that …


17:51 Ticket #1520 (new packages for 3partysw) created by alexp
Please add to 3partysw: cmake-curses-gui engauge-digitizer …
12:59 Ticket #232 (Provide a supportable Ubuntu configuration of TSM) closed by jdreed
wontfix: Crashplan's Linux install is far less terrible than TSM's was.
12:53 Ticket #1519 (alpine exchange config does not let you select subfolders of inbox) closed by jdreed


15:37 Ticket #1519 (alpine exchange config does not let you select subfolders of inbox) created by jdreed
The inbox-path needs "Inbox" appended to the end of it
09:58 Ticket #1518 (Investigate using lightdm's guest session for awesome) created by jdreed
lightdm's guest session does a reasonable job of locking things down and …
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