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Cluedump - October 18, 2011


  • What is Debian/Ubuntu??
  • What is Athena? (briefly)
    • AFS homedir, dialup, cluster, mail/lists, kerberos, LDAP, moira
  • An overview of the technology behind Debathena, including things like:
    • chroots
    • the update system
    • hesiod/NSS/PAM
  • Anatomy of a Debian package (kaduk)
    • AnatomyOfAPackage
    • changelog, compat, control, copyright, rules
    • package.{install,links,init,cron.d,docs,dirs}
    • maintainer scripts (users, services, rc scripts, gconf, other configuration files)
  • metapackages and their organization/hierarchy (e.g. w20-575-60 has 3173 packages installed; there are about 150 debathena packages)
    • standard, login, login-graphical, workstation, cluster (extra-software, thirdparty)
  • what c-p-d does (diversions and symlinks and transformations) (geofft)
  • svn tree and locker organization
  • Package example: get debathena-gconfd-2-wrapper