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Stop modifying /etc/services

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This has been already discussed on Zephyr (without any specific outcome, as I seem to recall). Patching /etc/services is Wrong.

It is explicitly forbidden by Debian Policy (see 11.2). It makes lintian sad. It presents user with a difficult choice of what they want to do with /etc/services whenever the system is reinstalled. It's just not cool.

There are many ways to fix this. One of them is to contact upstream and add ports; this is complicated because some of them conflict with existing IANA-allocated ports and others may be too Athena-specific. Another would be to fix the netbase package and either provide way for packages to do something like /etc/services.d (I believe there was a thing by jhutz which did something relevant?) or just don't add them to services in any way (that's inconvenient though because sometimes having service name aliases is useful).

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